Glossary Building #3

  • In A Crackdown on Cheating Companies by Parade Magazine, they introduce the epidemic of misclassification in the workforce. The use of misclassification in this context looks at the misrepresentation and labeling of certain workers or employees in the workforce. These workers are not only titled incorrectly, but are robbed of the compensation that they deserve.
  • In the Finance 2017 Power Point the term “technocratic” is used to describe a particular approach. In context the term is understood to be a type of approach public health takes with regards to agencies and regulations. After searching the term on technocratic is defined as relating to or characterized by the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts. Now when I look back at the term in the context of the power point and with this new definition my understanding of a technocratic approach is to utilize technical experts to control or oversee agencies and regulations.
    • See: Finance 2017 Power Point and to define technocratic
  • In the Finance 2017 Power Point the basic education act is introduced. It is said, “to provide students with the opportunity to become responsible global citizens, to contribute to their economic well-being and that of their families and communities, and to enjoy productive and satisfying lives”. After considering what this means I interpret this to be a way or ways students can become citizens of their communities. The act is put it place to give and share opportunities equally among learners in the society to better the community and their personal lives.
    • See: Finance 2017 Power Point

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