After reading: A Crackdown on Cheating Companies, Debts and Deceased Relatives, and The Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates. I was mainly disappointed in how companies are easily able to misclassify employees in order to save money.

I can kind of relate to this because during my second year of community college, I picked up a ‘full-time’ shift at a Frontier Communications Retail store in sales. I was working at least 30 hours a week but without really any benefits. The reason behind that was because we we’re ‘contractors’ contracted through another company for Frontier. Every month, I would get a $150 stipend for ‘medical expenses’ and sometimes I would get gas mileage refunds for outreach. Since I was getting decent pay in addition to going to college full time, I didn’t really think much of it. After reading this article, I now understand that there is a definite difference between a contractor which is a worker who, while is hired from a company, makes their own schedule and a full-time employee who works at least 30 hours a week but should also be entitled to benefits. I think that it’s important for consumers to understand this difference because for a college student, good pay+commission and a stipend isn’t too shabby but for a parent who’s working hard to make ends meet and with no health insurance benefits or coverage, it can really make a world of a difference.

As a consumer, I’m really glad that the Department of Labor is stepping in to investigate companies that misclassify employees but also knowing that if a close relative, were to die tomorrow (KNOCK ON WOOD), the family members wouldn’t be responsible for their debt, with of course, some exceptions. I’m glad that today you are able to write a letter to a debt collector to stop them from contacting you when before (when we had landlines) they would constantly call over and over and over again. As for student loans, we are lucky to have informational resources like this article on tips for student loans.
I think that enforcing employee classification to limit and even put an end to employee misclassification will take major work by policy makers but also consumers. I think that consumers should be well-informed on their workers’ rights so that big corporate companies are not able to get away with it. As for consumers alone, being informed is major work in my opinion. Informed about student loans if they have any and debts for the deceased so that they are effectively able to make educated decisions.


A Crackdown on Cheating Companies

Debts and Deceased Relatives

The Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates

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