Finance Prompts – Prompt 1

After looking over several resources I found that in financial health and decision-making it is critical to be informed. When we are informed of our choices in their entirety it aids in our ability to make the best choice we see fit in making our final decision. Often times we are bombarded with so much information that is not necessarily so easy to understand especially as a student. It is comforting to know that President Barack Obama’s Presidential Memorandum on Student Aid Bill of Rights puts in place resources and clauses that will better the outcome of students in debt. This not only gives me hope and comfort as a student, but also as a consumer. Now this is only speaking from a student’s experience, but I think there is still a vast amount of work needed to be done by policy makers and consumers in order to solve this loss of communication or understanding in debt. Policy makers need to improve their ability and ways of communicating debt and borrowing policies. In turn consumers also need to be able to understand the language of policy makers in order to improve their ability in making financial health and other life decisions.

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