Finance Prompt One

This is my example of financial health:  I have always saved some monies for rainy day such as losing a job, and I do not believe in blowing everything you make because you want to live for today.   I believe in being thankful for so many things I do have and do not believe in living beyond your means.  My situation is unique and am a very blessed or lucky individual.

Others, however, are struggling like the short game you can play at the end of the financial matters page about what it is like to be unemployed and what it feels like when you are down to the last $1000.  So unless, you have lots of monies saved, I guess you can lose it all then you end up taking any job offer.

Under Finance matters, some workers called contractors and a good percentage of work go to temporary agencies and I guess these workers are mis-classified as contractors even if when they work full-time.   These companies are saving monies by not paying insurance companies for these workers and save a lot of monies.

I guess if you’re a student; you will need to read all the options if you have to take out a loan and how or when to pay back and about loan forgiveness for the people who qualify.   Please look over  “A Student Aid Bill of Rights – proposal and Presidential Memorandum by the Obama administration. Pretty powerful, “basic” healthy public  policy around financial issues most of us face. ” Student debt issues and a helpful resource.  These topics are discussed in detail at the Finance matters page.

As far as Policymakers regarding finance that can cover all kinds of loans, credit cards, etc.; I really do not know how to comment on this.  There are many departments just for finance;  Federal Trade Commission, The Budget Office, IRS, etc. plus all of the state departments for finance.   For instance, our healthcare is still not even resolved by the Trump administration; the democrats and republicans do not agree on everything.  This is what I heard when I was watching the morning news.  Anyway, the government department control all revenues, funding, and expenses; so I am not sure what to say on the major work by policymakers but I have stated my opinions below.

Federal Trade Commission even offers advice on who is responsible for debts that a loved one may leave behind and who will have to execute and pay off these debts from estates.    There are some exceptions for some situations.   This is also under Finance matters page.

For more information, look over finance_2017 slides; it has all kind of information through links about various topics from seeking information, who to contact, how to file bankruptcy, etc.

As consumers; we should not live beyond our means like getting a huge house or focusing on new vehicles.   Some people put themselves in lot of credit card debt; I know a few people who do not know how to get out of their debts because they have to keep paying these companies interest payments and that is pretty much their minimum payment.   Just be thankful for what you have; if you have extra monies then spend it on things you been waiting or wanting.

We should even be careful about how many children we choose to have if you are not in a solid relationship.   Another example, if there is a way to petition some workplace positions’ salaries to be reduced as these people are paid way too much then the government could pay more for public education.   One more example, government should have a cap on how many children can be on Medicaid so some people are not taking advantage of this program and we should vote for a cap also.   This would save the government lots of monies and hopefully then it will go towards needed funding.



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