Early Life and Childhood/Youth – Prompt 1

Being a mum-to-be I look closely at details when it comes to my unborn child. I look at safety and hazardous precautions as much as I can, given what is provided to me through labels and constant googling of things. In some way this to me confirms that people planning families are vulnerable to those selling them unneeded or unsafe stuff. For example, when I looked for best bottle recommendations or stroller recommendations you get a list of many. You find that some of the products are safe and some provide labels that are just beyond confusing to understand. So where does that leave you as a consumer? You then continue the search for every little thing on that label to ensure it is in fact safe and by the time you exalt all that energy into looking at every little speck on that label you finally just give in because well everyone is doing it. You see parents following the trends of what they see in the media or of others that surround them. You hope that people near and dear to them would give them great reviews of what are good and safe products, but those parents only know just as much if not a bit more than you because they’ve actually used the product. More and more products today are reaching the surface, but aren’t completely necessary; actually a lot are. In fact, I have come across many articles that find many products listed on registries unnecessary. In this society stuck in a media craze families are the most vulnerable audience to speak to because parents will do anything and everything to provide the best for their families. Even if that means getting them 20 different bottle sets, 3 different strollers, 2 types of car seats, 7 different pacifiers, 1 rocker, a bouncer and just about anything else you could imagine. Parents want to know that no matter what their child has it will be the best option in safety, preference and aesthetics. They want to know that they are giving their child the options while providing them what they think is the best in safety.

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