Food Labels Challenge 1

The person I talked about had only a basic knowledge and understanding about packaged food and beverage labels. He noticed some of the differences in the old and new label. For example, the serving size in the new label is in bold with medium size letters and the calories is the most prominent information on the new label while the old label had bold letters for the calories and size serving however, the letters were much smaller. Also, he observed that the new label presents the information in a more clear way and highlights what he believes to be the most important information. Since all he wants to know about the packaging information is the calories because he wants to keep track of the calories and make sure he doesn’t exceed 2000 calories. Moreover, he believes ingredients are very important because he wants to know what he is consuming whether the product has natural or artificial ingredients.  The conversation was very interesting and we both talked about what both of us considers to be the most important information in food labels and how this information can help us choose the healthies food and beverage products available.

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