my intro

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jozelle! I am a student here at CWU, in my last year of majoring in Public Health! I am a pretty active person, I enjoy going to the gym, volunteering, working, etc. If I were to describe my personal consumer health I would label myself as being pretty healthy and open to the changes currently occurring in the public health area. From this class specifically I hope to learn the importance and role that consumer health has towards society and on individuals specifically. I found that within Public Health we do a lot of promoting and educating and one goal specifically regarding this course would be to see how it ties into where and/or how we educate that within the public. For example, in what ways do we present consumer health? To what extend? And to whom?

Some values I hold are making sure the importance of an individuals health comes first and being able to support an individuals rights and follow through with them throughout any situation. Another would be finding the right resources that correspond with an individuals needs.

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