Food Labels Challenge

After a long conversation about food labels, I’m ready to share!

In today’s society, we are becoming more health conscious and reading food labels more, but do we actually know and understand what we’re looking at? Most people see a food label and take into consideration the calorie count, total grams of sugar and sometimes the ingredients list.

(After comparing the new and old food labels…)

“What stood out to me the most was the added sugars; I still however, don’t understand the difference between added sugars or general sugars… what difference does it make if they are all artificial sugars? I can’t tell the difference? More specific information would be great to the greater population/average consumer. Based on what I see on food labels today, I don’t know enough to make a decision as a consumer because I’m not entirely informed about it.”

Q: What would you like to see when it comes to food labels?

A: Not an overload of information, but yes enough information as far as what is included in the product, “dummied down”, easy to understand numbers… For example, grams or micrograms, that’s fine on a label but in relation to what? I think it would be easier to understand and gage how much of an impact each individual product I’m consuming has on my body/health in general.

OVERALL, I learned that we should make the information easier to understand in terms of everyday usage. For instance, there is 20 grams of sugar in a candy bar. Yeah, that’s great to know but 20 grams of sugar in relation to what? It has no value or meaning unless the overall measure of it is clearly defined. I don’t think that the Daily Value Percentages are as effective as they could be because people don’t generally spend more than 5 minutes looking at a food label, at least I don’t, to tally up the percentages for their daily value intake. There needs to be a more comprehensive way of portraying that.


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