Glossary Building Part 2

When discussing consumer health, these three words pop up when scrolling through the slides in the “birth” PowerPoint. When the word contraception comes to mind, we think of sex and how to be safe about it. Fortunately, there are many meanings to this word which could be using condoms as a contraception or birth control pills. It just depends on what you use that makes this word have many meanings.


Next looking at preconception, there’s a “twist” to that as well. If we look at a poor preconceived health, that means that the parent wasn’t prepared for a birth or chose not to prepare. If we look at good preconceived health, you can see that the birth was well thought out and was prepared to be a parent. Evidence-Based is a word with many meanings as well. In health, we can see that evidence-based is used because there are many ways to express what you’re talking about and with support, you can show how valid your argument using an evidence-based discussion.



  • Contraception


  • Preconception


  • Evidence-Based

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