Morning Challenge

Wednesday: First day of the morning challenge, I was very motivated to start with this challenge even though it was not very new to me as I tend to do most of the activities listed in the challenge. However, the hardest part of it was to drink water since I have the bad habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day. So, today I only took a few sips of water as I wasn’t able to drink very much because it felt really heavy on my empty stomach. I have to admit that I did not like this feeling. On the other hand washing my face and brushing my teeth and tongue  has always had a positive effect on the way I feel, it makes me feel more alert and gives me a sense of freshness that helps me to stay motivated to start my daily activities. Combing my hair was perhaps the least fun activity as I was feeling a little bit blue. Now when it comes to holding off any sugar drinks with the exception of the orange juice which I drink with my Iron supplement  because I am low on Iron. I was able to avoid drinking any sugar beverages.  Moreover, I ate an apple and it was delicious I felt really good about myself for adding a fruit to my diet.

Thursday: Second day of the morning challenge, I almost forgot to drink water first thing in the morning I think this is because I rarely drink any water in the mornings. However, I managed to drink a little bit more water than yesterday but not quite half a glass. It still felt a heavy or fullness sensation in my stomach. Again my experience with the challenge seems to be fairly positive I felt good about myself making healthy choices such as adding fruits to my diet!

Friday: third day of the morning challenge, I woke up really early brushed my teeth and tongue took a few sips of water. However, I did not wash my face as I had to jump in the shower right away and get ready for my appointment. Showering in the morning gets me more alert and improves my mood so I felt more motivated to start the day. When in my Dr.’s office I grabbed and ate a tangerine which are delicious, I feel like this challenge is helping me to be more aware of how good fruits are but yet how I don’t eat them very regularly. However, I have set myself the goal to eat at least one or two fruits per day. I feel like this challenge is helping me to want to make healthier choices and adopt healthier habits.

Saturday: Fourth day of the morning challenge. I felt as if the combing my hair activity was easier to get done as these past few days I have been doing It so it’s helping me to get used to do this activity. I believe I did not drink enough water yesterday or perhaps my body is starting to show the effects of  staying a little bit more hydrated as I was feeling thirsty today in the morning which I also feel like it wasn’t something that I  was conscious about I just knew I had to drink water.  However, I did feel tempted to drink more Juice than just the one glass I have to drink with my iron supplement but instead I ate an apple.

Sunday: Fifth day of the morning challenge, today I woke up I was a bit concerned about the four assignments that are due today which needed a few more details and editing before turning them in. I felt I little bit frustrated however I managed to get up. I drank water I was able to drink half a glass of water which made me feel very happy I believe that drinking water first thing in the morning helps me to be more thirsty throughout the day. After that, I washed my face and brushed my teeth  and combed my hair which definitely helped me to feel ready to start editing my assignments with more motivation. Overall this morning challenged has helped me to feel good about myself especially because I am aware that it has certainly helped me to create the habit of drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables more often, I have realized that by completing these small activities it has been easier for me to tackle those that are more difficult, I think that perhaps by completing small task I was able to adopt a healthy habit and it helped me to want to start adopting new ones.

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