Morning Challenge, ACCEPTED!

Day One: Wednesday

Easy peezy. Being pregnant I wake up very often in the night to drink water. I keep a water bottle next to my bed because I get so thirsty while I sleep! I blame it on the pregnancy. So, I finished that water bottle (which about 1/4th of the way full) when I got out of bed. Washing my face this morning was great because I took a shower. The exact place I wash my face. And because I showered I did the teeth/tongue brushing after washing my face and hair brushing after I dried my hair. Sugary drinks? Not a thing for this almost mama. (as bad as I crave them) I find myself more dehydrated than anything at the end of my pregnancy, so doc’s orders, WATER WATER WATER!  This morning was a perfect day to start this challenge.

Day Two: Thursday 

Not as easy as yesterday. The hardest part is washing my face. I don’t like to do that in the morning because it messes with my hair, and makes my hairline wet… but I did it. Which was followed with the teeth and hair brushing. I don’t usually brush my hair everyday, cause most days I wake up to good enough hair.  Water was drank all night, and finished as I got out of bed, as per my pregnancy usual.

Day Three: Friday

Happy Friday! I woke up a little early on accident this morning, and just felt ready for my day. So today’s routine went over better than yesterday. Still not too fond of the face washing in the morning, but it does definitely make me feel better and leave my skin extra soft all day. My hair went up today, so it got brushed with my fingers. That counts as a brushing, right? No sugary drinks (this is becoming a record!) This challenge is helping with that.

Day Four: Saturday

Weekends are tricky. I’m really lazy in the mornings.. but I washed my face in the shower, teeth/tongue. Brushed my hair.. actually my fiancé did, but it was still brushed. He brought me a tall glass of water as I got out of the shower since I finished my water bottle last night. I sound spoiled.. But overall I’m really surprised at how much I’ve been able to keep up with this challenge. Especially the washing of my face. Again, water all day. My dr will be proud.

Day Five: Sunday

I woke up at a friends house this morning. I heavily debated skipping over my morning rituals, but it’s the last day, so I might as well follow through, right? My friend and I put on masks today. Not in the morning, but in the early afternoon. It was nice. I also (finally) caved and got a chai tea. It was so good. Teeth and tongue are always brushed before I come down to greet anyone for the morning, so that a norm. But my hair? Unless running my fingers through it a couple times counts, today I forgot about that. Real easy for my to do on my days off.

This challenge was a good one. I’m actually surprised at how well I stuck by it. I really wanted to stick by it and do it since this used to be similar to my morning routine (minus the morning face wash) before, well life. We’ll see if I can keep it up now just to keep it up.

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