Morning Challenge

Wednesday: The very first day of the challenge was not terrible like assumed it would be. I have never been much of a morning person, and for some reason often do not have a morning appetite (Breakfast is not my favorite meal). because i open up a coffee shop at 6 AM every other morning i have needed to get into some sort of routine. But this doesn’t fix the fact that i once in a while skip some things when i wake up a little late. i always  brush my teeth and wash my face, so this was not too hard. i have very curly hair so i always try to tame it before going out into public. The two hardest parts about this challenge was drinking water and abstaining from sugary drinks first thing (Again! i work at a coffee shop). Making myself drink water did help in how much i craved other beverages throughout the day, but i did give in early and had my daily dose of sugary caffeine. Maybe the next day will work better.

Thursday: I  did not need to work early this morning so i slept in a little later. I brushed my teeth and held a warm wet cloth on my face; which always makes me feel refreshed and threw my hair in a bun.This day i had an early Pilates class at 9Am so i filled a water bottle and made myself drink most of it on my way to class. this really helped me focus in class and feel less dehydrated after. i also noticed i craved less sugar. because i had a short break between classes i decided to drink a hot tea instead of a coffee. This did not bother me as much as i thought it would.

Friday: Friday was much like Wednesday’s work day except i was feeling a little more tired in the morning. teeth, face and hair we similar, but i skipped the water. when i got to work i noticed how much i craved water, so i made large 24 oz cup of water and made myself drink it throughout my morning shift. i was surprised how much it effected my mood and energy. Days that i drink only coffee at work i notice how tired i am when i go to finish the rest of my day at school. After drinking water i had energy as well as an appetite. i would like to keep this routine.

Saturday: For the first time in a while i have a Saturday off of work. Because it was the first day of could sleep in a little longer, i did not worry about waking up to brush my teeth, wash my face and tame my hair. in fact the only thing i did was brush my teeth and instead took a shower (which is also a great way for me to wake up). I skipped the water first thing and got a coffee. Man! did that give me a headache. at this point i am not sure if i crave coffee or sugar because i want it, but because it was a part of my routine for so long.  My headache caused me to switch to water all day.

Sunday: Sunday was a lazy homework day. it was beautiful outside, but i found myself sliding out of bed as slow as i could, much like Saturday. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, i made tea instead of just water. in fact i had a few cups of tea throughout the day. i noticed i had no headaches and no caffeine crashes. It was refreshing to be able to find energy in something that also makes you feel clean and clear.

This challenge is something i plan to incorporate more into my life so i can continue feeling the positive impact. it is a great feeling when you take the extra time to take care of yourself in even the smallest ways

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