Challenge#1: Morning Routine

Wednesday: I got up around 7:30am for my 9am class. Before I do anything, I always drink about 8oz of water. I always drink water when I first wake up because I get migraines. Staying hydrated is the best way to prevent them (in my case). I jumped in the shower where I washed my hair (brushed it in the shower while conditioned sits), my body, and my face. When I got out I brushed my teeth and tongue and then I got dressed. I applied face moisturizer and little make up and made my way to the kitchen for breakfast. I had a yogurt, some more water and a small apple.

Thursday: I stayed in bed a little longer this morning because I don’t have class until 2pm, but I always have a cup of water on my bedside table so I drank that and tried to go back to sleep. I got up around 9:30am and brushed my teeth and tongue and washed my face. Sliced two small apples and dipped them in crunch peanut butter for breakfast with a glass of lemon water (because I have a kidney stone). Brushed my hair and then french braided it because I have curly hair and when I brush it dry it POOFS.

Friday: Woke up at 7:30am in preparation for my 9am class. Drank about 8oz water and then got in the shower. In the shower I washed my hair (yes, brushed it the same as I did Wednesday morning), my face and body. As soon as I was out and dry I brushed my teeth and tongue. I moisturized my face then got dressed. I put little make up on and the started cooking 2 eggs (scrambled), with a little bit of cheese on top. I also drank another glass of water with breakfast but I needed something a little more hardy so I toasted half of an english muffin and put just a little bit of butter on top. 8:30 I am out the door for my 9am class.

Saturday: I am up at the crack of dawn because my cats think its their breakfast time!! I feed them about 6:30am and drink about a full glass of water before heading back to bed. I am up again around 8:45 to start getting ready for the CWU homecoming football came. I want to be out the door by 11am, so I have plenty of time to get ready and eat. I go into the bathroom and start by washing my face (and moisturize it) and brushing my teeth and tongue.  I next brushed my hair but also straightened it. My facial moisturizer is all dry by that time so I can do my make up now. After I am all finished in the bathroom, I go to the kitchen and I don’t really feel like eating much so I eat a yogurt and a small apple cut into slices with about 1/2 a glass of water.

Sunday: I tried to sleep in today but that didn’t happen, sadly. I woke up with a little bit of a headache so I immediately drink 2 glasses of water to try and avoid a migraine. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and brush my teeth and tongue because sometime those two things help as well but no luck. I brushed my hair and put it in a bun on the top of my head. I did not feel like eating but I knew I should put something good into my system! I ate an 1/2 of an orange and 1/2 of an apple with peanut butter. I ended up taking a hot shower to see if the steam would help clear my head but no luck. Back to bed I go with high hopes I will wake up headache free!


I like to think that I have a pretty set schedule of what I do in the morning. I always brush my teeth and tongue morning and night, I always wash my face morning and night and I always drink water morning and night. If I don’t do these things, I don’t feel clean! I don’t like to brush my hair outside of the shower because of the hair type that I have. I like to wear it curly (natural) because it is healthier for my hair and less time consuming. I usually drink coffee in the morning with soy milk but I tried to cut back on that for this activity and try something new! I thought it was going to be a lot harder to stay away from coffee because caffeine really helps my headaches but as long as I stayed on top of my water intake, I was fine for the most part! This activity was fun but I don’t think I will be brushing my hair while it is dry! Oh and I’ll probably still have my morning coffee every now and then!

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