Health Care Prompt 2

Being a public health major, it is important to stay up  to date on all health care policies being thrown around on Capitol Hill. However, that does not always mean we are up to date. But the AHCA would have drastically affected how I get healthcare and how many of my friends and family get it as well. The CBO estimated that between 2017 and 2026, there would be a 772 billion dollar decrease in money put into medicaid. This would have lowered federal matching caps for medicaid as well as lowered the amount of people able to enroll in the program. We should also mention that the government spent nearly 700 billion dollars bailing out Wall Street. It seems odd to me that the government would okay spending that much on big banks but not on providing health care to people in the country. Back to the prompt, I believe it is important for those that rely on these services and those that do not to understand how this affects their fellow countrymen. It would be easy to find more information on the CBO website as well as in the ACHA itself. Thankfully, the final attempt to pass some sort of conservative health bill has failed. Sadly, this week employers are no longer required to cover birth control on the insurance plans. But the same people that passed this do not agree with a woman’s right to choose abortion. So they removed access to birth control and want to restrict abortion. This behavior is counterproductive and ignorant.


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