Challenge Post 1

Wednesday: The challenge listed here is actually very close to my regular morning routine. Perhaps the most difficult part was drinking water first thing in the morning. I generally like to have green tea, so to try and cope, I heated up my water in the microwave and was able to drink as much as I wanted to. I was able to hold off on sugary drinks until Wellington’s Wildfire as they were giving away free sodas and I am a sucker for free sodas.

Thursday: I was exhausted this morning from a late night of studying for a quiz, however, I still managed to do everything listed and held off on sugary drinks until dinner when I had some chocolate milk. Normally I do not really brush my hair as it tends to poof out, and when it did poof out I decided to wear it in a bun. The rest of the challenge was easy as I just had to switch around my morning routine only a little.

Friday: I woke up with a head cold and was in no mood to drink anything as my throat was sore. However, I did manage a half cup of warm water and a couple of apple slices. I stayed away from sugary drinks all day as I did not want to hurt my throat.

Saturday: Typically, Saturdays are my unhealthy day, however, being that I still have a head cold, this was not the case. As I’ve said before, my usual morning routine is very similar to the challenge: I wake up, brush my teeth and floss, wash my face, and eat breakfast with a cup of green tea, then I start to get ready. Perhaps the most challenging thing about this challenge is remembering to brush my hair as I do not normally do that to avoid frizz.

Sunday: My head cold is almost gone, and today I was able to drink 16 oz of warm water when first waking up. I brushed my hair, embraced the frizz and then promptly put it in a braid as I decided I did not want to deal with it. Unfortunately, my sweet tooth won over and I had a coke with lunch. In my defense, I was having a piece of pizza and I believe it is immoral to have pizza without soda.

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