Challenge #1

What you do when you wake up!

Wednesday: I’m not feeling the best but I drank a few sips of water, my hair is brushed and my face and teeth feel clean and scrubbed. I am ready for the day. I don’t normally drink soda or coffee and if I do have juice I mix it with bubbly water otherwise it is too sweet for me.

Thursday: Drank an extra sip of water this morning. Brushed my teeth and hair. Washed my face and added daily moisturizer to the routine. I feel nice and clean and ready to take on the day! Had some peppermint tea, toast and an apple for breakfast!

Friday: I’ve never really paid attention to the amount of water I drank. I think I will make a long-term goal of working up to 12 oz. I often feel dehydrated during the day and that would help. I drank some green tea sweated with a little stevia.

Saturday: Not feeling the best but I managed to get all the tasks done! I did have a few sips of ginger ale to help my stomach calm down. I got up a bit late so I had chicken noodle soup for my ‘breakfast’.

Sunday: All groomed and ready to begin the day. I even remembered to floss this morning (my dentist will be so proud)! My stomach was upset again but instead of ginger ale, I had sparkling water to help calm it down. I had toast and grapefruit for breakfast!


During the week I was thinking about how important these little routines are, especially for people who suffer from chronic health conditions. I very much believe in ‘doing the best you can, at the time’. The last part is extremely important since your best one day might not be your best the next. If I had been unable to accomplish some of the tasks during the challenge. I would have been ok with that if I was doing the best I could.

It is hard to accomplish daily tasks when you have a chronic condition. To make things worse people will look down on your or mock you for not being able to do “normal” things.  But little routines like these can help people feel productive. A sense of productivity, in my opinion, helps fight depression (which is a disease in itself and something many people develop when chronically ill). I get asked a lot how I can be so positive and manage my illness when I am in constant pain. I honestly believe a large part of this is due to setting up routines and making small goals.

People need to be proud of themselves more and celebrate small accomplishments regardless of if people think the task is easy. If someone has trouble getting out of bed, they should be extremely proud of themselves for getting a glass of water from the kitchen!

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