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Morning Challenge, ACCEPTED!

Day One: Wednesday

Easy peezy. Being pregnant I wake up very often in the night to drink water. I keep a water bottle next to my bed because I get so thirsty while I sleep! I blame it on the pregnancy. So, I finished that water bottle (which about 1/4th of the way full) when I got out of bed. Washing my face this morning was great because I took a shower. The exact place I wash my face. And because I showered I did the teeth/tongue brushing after washing my face and hair brushing after I dried my hair. Sugary drinks? Not a thing for this almost mama. (as bad as I crave them) I find myself more dehydrated than anything at the end of my pregnancy, so doc’s orders, WATER WATER WATER!  This morning was a perfect day to start this challenge.

Day Two: Thursday 

Not as easy as yesterday. The hardest part is washing my face. I don’t like to do that in the morning because it messes with my hair, and makes my hairline wet… but I did it. Which was followed with the teeth and hair brushing. I don’t usually brush my hair everyday, cause most days I wake up to good enough hair.  Water was drank all night, and finished as I got out of bed, as per my pregnancy usual.

Day Three: Friday

Happy Friday! I woke up a little early on accident this morning, and just felt ready for my day. So today’s routine went over better than yesterday. Still not too fond of the face washing in the morning, but it does definitely make me feel better and leave my skin extra soft all day. My hair went up today, so it got brushed with my fingers. That counts as a brushing, right? No sugary drinks (this is becoming a record!) This challenge is helping with that.

Day Four: Saturday

Weekends are tricky. I’m really lazy in the mornings.. but I washed my face in the shower, teeth/tongue. Brushed my hair.. actually my fiancé did, but it was still brushed. He brought me a tall glass of water as I got out of the shower since I finished my water bottle last night. I sound spoiled.. But overall I’m really surprised at how much I’ve been able to keep up with this challenge. Especially the washing of my face. Again, water all day. My dr will be proud.

Day Five: Sunday

I woke up at a friends house this morning. I heavily debated skipping over my morning rituals, but it’s the last day, so I might as well follow through, right? My friend and I put on masks today. Not in the morning, but in the early afternoon. It was nice. I also (finally) caved and got a chai tea. It was so good. Teeth and tongue are always brushed before I come down to greet anyone for the morning, so that a norm. But my hair? Unless running my fingers through it a couple times counts, today I forgot about that. Real easy for my to do on my days off.

This challenge was a good one. I’m actually surprised at how well I stuck by it. I really wanted to stick by it and do it since this used to be similar to my morning routine (minus the morning face wash) before, well life. We’ll see if I can keep it up now just to keep it up.

Morning Challenge

Wednesday: The very first day of the challenge was not terrible like assumed it would be. I have never been much of a morning person, and for some reason often do not have a morning appetite (Breakfast is not my favorite meal). because i open up a coffee shop at 6 AM every other morning i have needed to get into some sort of routine. But this doesn’t fix the fact that i once in a while skip some things when i wake up a little late. i always  brush my teeth and wash my face, so this was not too hard. i have very curly hair so i always try to tame it before going out into public. The two hardest parts about this challenge was drinking water and abstaining from sugary drinks first thing (Again! i work at a coffee shop). Making myself drink water did help in how much i craved other beverages throughout the day, but i did give in early and had my daily dose of sugary caffeine. Maybe the next day will work better.

Thursday: I  did not need to work early this morning so i slept in a little later. I brushed my teeth and held a warm wet cloth on my face; which always makes me feel refreshed and threw my hair in a bun.This day i had an early Pilates class at 9Am so i filled a water bottle and made myself drink most of it on my way to class. this really helped me focus in class and feel less dehydrated after. i also noticed i craved less sugar. because i had a short break between classes i decided to drink a hot tea instead of a coffee. This did not bother me as much as i thought it would.

Friday: Friday was much like Wednesday’s work day except i was feeling a little more tired in the morning. teeth, face and hair we similar, but i skipped the water. when i got to work i noticed how much i craved water, so i made large 24 oz cup of water and made myself drink it throughout my morning shift. i was surprised how much it effected my mood and energy. Days that i drink only coffee at work i notice how tired i am when i go to finish the rest of my day at school. After drinking water i had energy as well as an appetite. i would like to keep this routine.

Saturday: For the first time in a while i have a Saturday off of work. Because it was the first day of could sleep in a little longer, i did not worry about waking up to brush my teeth, wash my face and tame my hair. in fact the only thing i did was brush my teeth and instead took a shower (which is also a great way for me to wake up). I skipped the water first thing and got a coffee. Man! did that give me a headache. at this point i am not sure if i crave coffee or sugar because i want it, but because it was a part of my routine for so long.  My headache caused me to switch to water all day.

Sunday: Sunday was a lazy homework day. it was beautiful outside, but i found myself sliding out of bed as slow as i could, much like Saturday. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, i made tea instead of just water. in fact i had a few cups of tea throughout the day. i noticed i had no headaches and no caffeine crashes. It was refreshing to be able to find energy in something that also makes you feel clean and clear.

This challenge is something i plan to incorporate more into my life so i can continue feeling the positive impact. it is a great feeling when you take the extra time to take care of yourself in even the smallest ways

Challenge 1 – Accepted!


This morning I went to the bathroom again after already going in the middle of the night, which happens every night. I went back to bed and sipped on some water before finally getting the day started. After feeling my little guy kicking up a storm I got out of bed, washed my face, brushed teeth, brushed my hair and needed something to eat. I fixed the bed, grabbed my water and drank it while I looked for something to eat. I finally landed on some Honey Nut Cheerios and I was over my water. I can only hold off for so long.



I was in a rush this morning because I had to leave my apartment for them to pave our parking lot. We were informed they’d start at 7:45am, but they decided to start at 6:45am. I grabbed my water, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair in a hurry. As I packed up my stuff I sipped on my water, grabbed snacks for the road and rushed out the door. I finally was on the road and in need of some food. I ate all my snacks and reached for my water only to find it was empty. I was pretty upset, but once I got to my parents I filled up my bottle and was peachy.



Today I was better prepared to leave on my time because they were still working on our parking lot. I grabbed my water, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. After fixing the bed I still had time to sit and eat something, so I went for the cereal and a banana. Water didn’t need to hold me over today, but I drank a ton of it since it was leg day.



I woke up much later than normal today. I got out of bed, fixed it and went to the bathroom. I looked at the time and I needed to get to the gym. So I brushed my teeth and hair and looked for something quick to grab on my way out. I rushed out the door with 2 applesauce pouches in hand, but eventually realized I forgot my water bottle. I stopped by Safeway to grab a bottle of water, but I had already eaten my applesauce. It was a pretty busy day of cleaning after the gym and I don’t think I drank enough water because my mind went from one task to another.



Today I woke up quite early. I had to get to church by 8:30 so I was already up and at it. I fixed the bed and headed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and glammed up just the slightest. I grabbed my water bottle and checked the time. As I sipped on my water I noticed I had some time to eat something so I grabbed a bowl and poured out some cereal. When I finally left I remembered my water bottle today! I drank lots of water throughout the day cheering on the Seahawks and watching football with my dad.


Healthcare Prompts:

Prompt 1

I believe the best aspect of the current ACA is the amount of access and coverage that has been added and improved for all Americans, but women and children specifically. With the current ACA, women now have access to all kinds of health and maternity health services that can severely impact the quality of their lives and their families lives in very positive ways. Services offered to women currently no matter their SES, include Family planning, Preventative services (Birth control, Cancer Screenings), Maternity Services, Prescription drug coverage gaps and more. Children can now stay on their parent’s medical coverage until age 26. Through Medicaid, young, uninsured individuals and families can access services that are targeted to improve health and well-being. I believe the best opportunity for improving the way the law works for most ordinary consumers is to make Americans more aware of their options. It is possible that most uninsured individuals are unaware of options and services available to them. If Americans knew what they qualified for they may save themselves a lot of stress and worry. I believe the next step is to improve the number of qualified applicants utilizing these services while they last. They goal is to make sure all Americans have the right to lead happy. healthy lives.

I believe the best thing for a friend to know is that they should always apply for Medicaid or an insurance coverage plan even if THINK they don’t qualify. According to Healthcare.gov, Some states have expanded their Medicaid programs to cover everyone with incomes below a certain level. Other states have yet to do this. So, if you qualify for Medicaid all depends on if your state has expended their program. You can qualify for Medicaid based on factors such as, your income, household size, disability, family status, and other factors. Every state has different eligibility standards. If the state you live in has not expanded their Medicaid, and you believe your income qualifies for Medicaid, make sure to still apply for medical coverage because you may qualify for another coverage plan. If your state did not expand Medicaid and you do not qualify for any standards, you can receive care at a nearby community health center. The health care law has expanded funding to community health centers, which provide primary care for millions of Americans. Long story short, it is a great idea to always apply for medical coverage no matter your status. It is possible you qualify for more than you think! (Medicaid & Chip, Healthcare.gov). If we were to lose Medicaid expansion thousands of individuals and families would lose their coverage and any chance at decent health care (50- State Look at Medicaid Expansion, 2017).

Prompt 2

Before now I had no idea what the CBO was. I know now that it stands for the Congressional Budget Office. I also know now that this senate bill will cause many deserving individuals and families to become uninsured and the ability to obtain health coverage will become much more difficult. The view of healthcare will be less of a right. As an aspiring Public Health professional, the future I see is one where everyone can find access to the services and healthcare they need to ensure healthy bodies and well-beings. I see health being a right opposed to a luxury. With a bill like this, more people will feel the bad than the few that will feel the good. We can hope that those who are still uninsured take advantage of all that we currently have before we see things change drastically.

A 50-State Look at Medicaid Expansion. (2017, July). Retrieved October 09, 2017, from http://familiesusa.org/product/50-state-look-medicaid-expansion

How to Qualify For Medicaid and CHIP Health Care Coverage. (n.d.). Retrieved October 09, 2017, from https://www.healthcare.gov/medicaid-chip/getting-medicaid-chip


Click to access summary-of-key-provisions.pdf

Unbiased Sources: Their Importance, and Simplification

As a Public Relations student, I am taught to understand that bias isn’t a bad thing. It’s not. I’ll admit it, a web source I enjoy reading is written from a left-leaning feminist perspective, and ultimately, has a goal other than straight news. However, I also read objective, AP-approved news to augment my understanding of today’s world.

Many of the things that we read in our day-to-day has some type of bias to it – advertisements, blogs, certain newspapers and certain news sources. And that’s fine, I don’t have to agree with the perspective that certain news sources project. The problem is when people don’t recognize the bias that their sources have.

CBO reports are unbiased, comprehensive reports – good things in this day and age of people not being able to effectively read for these biases – it offers a truthful overview of the information that may bore people if not slanted in the direction that they want to hear it from. It offered a good look at the outcome of implementation of one of these last-ditch healthcare policies would offer.

However, due to the fact that one of the few things that I pride myself on is actually being informed about the impacts of particular things, the CBO report didn’t strike me as anything new, really. It offered a more well-rounded explanation of the things that I already knew (and augmented the claims that had been made by the various outlets I follow).

Example – certain, working class voters may not have voted in the leadership they had if they knew that this act would make premiums a higher percentage of their income; and make healthcare generally more inexpensive for those “Coastal Elites” they love to complain about.

What really is interesting, though, is that while it talks about social repercussions of things, it doesn’t explicitly use terminology that people are using – many news outlets (and politicians!) utilize words that are more likely to garner reactions, and less of the technical terms that the CBO uses – things about tax credits bore people, if you’re trying to stir up a reaction about healthcare legislation, you use words that let people run wild with it.

It’s all about phrasing. To find out more, simply look into that rhetoric and analyze.


Health Care – Prompt Two

To be completely frank, I have never heard of a CBO report. After reading the summary and perusing through the actual report I learned a great deal about our current state of health care insurance and possibly the future of our health care. The CBO report bluntly states that while the new law will decrease federal spending by $321 billion dollars it will also increase the number of uninsured by 22 million. It is important to know that by enacting the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 we would be taking away insurance from many individuals. It would nearly eliminate government spending on healthcare and place control of healthcare insurance in the hands of private sectors or markets. Although it will decrease federal spending it will increase individual private out-of-pocket spending for the consumers. Overall, this new legislation would benefit the more fortunate than the less fortunate. This is the basic gist of the report and I would certainly like to know more about specific terms.

For someone reading it like myself who isn’t completely versed in this language or terminology I would like to understand what it all really and truly means. For example, what does it mean to be or not be enrolled in nongroup coverage? Or what does the appropriation of funds for cost-sharing subsidies mean? And what will define the difference between low and high health expenditures? It also mentions waivers to change the structure of subsidies for nongroup coverage or the specifications for essential health benefits (EHBs), what does this look like and what are considered essential health benefits? I would also like to know what the CBO report looks like under the current law. I currently benefit from our current healthcare law and plan on acquiring more knowledge about how I’ll be affected. I definitely could look at the related publications provided at the end of the summary as well as doing some scholarly searching.

Morning Challenge

Wednesday: First day of the morning challenge, I was very motivated to start with this challenge even though it was not very new to me as I tend to do most of the activities listed in the challenge. However, the hardest part of it was to drink water since I have the bad habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day. So, today I only took a few sips of water as I wasn’t able to drink very much because it felt really heavy on my empty stomach. I have to admit that I did not like this feeling. On the other hand washing my face and brushing my teeth and tongue  has always had a positive effect on the way I feel, it makes me feel more alert and gives me a sense of freshness that helps me to stay motivated to start my daily activities. Combing my hair was perhaps the least fun activity as I was feeling a little bit blue. Now when it comes to holding off any sugar drinks with the exception of the orange juice which I drink with my Iron supplement  because I am low on Iron. I was able to avoid drinking any sugar beverages.  Moreover, I ate an apple and it was delicious I felt really good about myself for adding a fruit to my diet.

Thursday: Second day of the morning challenge, I almost forgot to drink water first thing in the morning I think this is because I rarely drink any water in the mornings. However, I managed to drink a little bit more water than yesterday but not quite half a glass. It still felt a heavy or fullness sensation in my stomach. Again my experience with the challenge seems to be fairly positive I felt good about myself making healthy choices such as adding fruits to my diet!

Friday: third day of the morning challenge, I woke up really early brushed my teeth and tongue took a few sips of water. However, I did not wash my face as I had to jump in the shower right away and get ready for my appointment. Showering in the morning gets me more alert and improves my mood so I felt more motivated to start the day. When in my Dr.’s office I grabbed and ate a tangerine which are delicious, I feel like this challenge is helping me to be more aware of how good fruits are but yet how I don’t eat them very regularly. However, I have set myself the goal to eat at least one or two fruits per day. I feel like this challenge is helping me to want to make healthier choices and adopt healthier habits.

Saturday: Fourth day of the morning challenge. I felt as if the combing my hair activity was easier to get done as these past few days I have been doing It so it’s helping me to get used to do this activity. I believe I did not drink enough water yesterday or perhaps my body is starting to show the effects of  staying a little bit more hydrated as I was feeling thirsty today in the morning which I also feel like it wasn’t something that I  was conscious about I just knew I had to drink water.  However, I did feel tempted to drink more Juice than just the one glass I have to drink with my iron supplement but instead I ate an apple.

Sunday: Fifth day of the morning challenge, today I woke up I was a bit concerned about the four assignments that are due today which needed a few more details and editing before turning them in. I felt I little bit frustrated however I managed to get up. I drank water I was able to drink half a glass of water which made me feel very happy I believe that drinking water first thing in the morning helps me to be more thirsty throughout the day. After that, I washed my face and brushed my teeth  and combed my hair which definitely helped me to feel ready to start editing my assignments with more motivation. Overall this morning challenged has helped me to feel good about myself especially because I am aware that it has certainly helped me to create the habit of drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables more often, I have realized that by completing these small activities it has been easier for me to tackle those that are more difficult, I think that perhaps by completing small task I was able to adopt a healthy habit and it helped me to want to start adopting new ones.

Health Care Prompt Number 2

I have never heard of or seen a CBO report before. I quite frankly did not even know that it was a thing. What really stood out to me was how they talked about how many people will be uninsured in the future. That is something that was quite interesting to me because so many people have insurance right now and to think that you will be penalized for not having insurance?? Like that is just crazy. Also the fact that premiums are going to increase on top of that. We already have to pay for health insurance but to add on the extra cash we have to pay for premiums is just outstanding and does not really make any sense. All of this just means that if we do not have insurance then what is going to happen if we get sick? Then we will have to pay an even bigger copay and people will not go to the doctors because they do not want to pay all that money. So more and more people are just going to get sick and then die. All because they did not have insurance.

Health Care: Prompt Two

I have to start by admitting that I had never read a CBO report or even a summary of one, I actually had no knowledge about what the CBO was. I believe as consumers we all should know about CBO (Congressional Budget Office). And the important information that provides for us the consumers. CBO presents information and analyses surrounding bills and laws in a nonpartisan style which I believe is very important because this means that the information presented is likely to be more accurate and non-biased.

By reading the resource I learned about the estimated direct spending and revenue effect of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, which is a Senate amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 1628.  According to the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) enacting BCRA would reduce the cumulative federal deficit over the 2017-2016 period by $321 billion, 202 billion more than the estimated net saving for the current version of H.R. By 2026 according to the CBO and JCT by 2026, an estimated 49 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law.

The effects on the Federal Budget include the estimation that enacting the new legislation would reduce spending by $1,022 billion and reduce revenues by $701 billion for the total net reduction of $321 billion in the deficit over a nine year period. Some of the larges saving would come from reductions in outlays for Medicaid, there would also be a reduction in revenues from repealing penalties on employers who do not offer insurance on people who do not purchase insurance.

Some of the effects on health insurance coverage, include 15 million more people which would be uninsured under this legislation than under current law primarily because the penalty for not having insurance would be eliminated.

I believe it is very important to know that there are uncertainty surrounding the estimates by the CBO and JCT on the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 as well as the projections under the current law. Despite the uncertainty, the direction of certain effects of this legislation is clear. For example, the amount of federal revenues collected and the amount of spending on Medicaid would surely both be lower than under current law. And the number of uninsured people under this legislation is very likely to be greater than under current law.

I would like to know more about the long term effects of the Better care Reconciliation act of 2017 and I could get more information about it by visiting the following website:


Health Care Prompt 2

Being a public health major, it is important to stay up  to date on all health care policies being thrown around on Capitol Hill. However, that does not always mean we are up to date. But the AHCA would have drastically affected how I get healthcare and how many of my friends and family get it as well. The CBO estimated that between 2017 and 2026, there would be a 772 billion dollar decrease in money put into medicaid. This would have lowered federal matching caps for medicaid as well as lowered the amount of people able to enroll in the program. We should also mention that the government spent nearly 700 billion dollars bailing out Wall Street. It seems odd to me that the government would okay spending that much on big banks but not on providing health care to people in the country. Back to the prompt, I believe it is important for those that rely on these services and those that do not to understand how this affects their fellow countrymen. It would be easy to find more information on the CBO website as well as in the ACHA itself. Thankfully, the final attempt to pass some sort of conservative health bill has failed. Sadly, this week employers are no longer required to cover birth control on the insurance plans. But the same people that passed this do not agree with a woman’s right to choose abortion. So they removed access to birth control and want to restrict abortion. This behavior is counterproductive and ignorant.