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Health Care Prompt Two

Prior to reading this, I have never read a CBO report or even knew what the CBO was. One of the things that stood out to me was the increased premiums.  This shocked me because I thought one of the points to the American Health Care Act was more affordable health care for more people. But because of the higher premiums, more people will be uninsured because not everyone has thousands of dollars to pay out of pocket for healthcare. I am curious as to why premiums are increasing, because I know one of the main reasons that most people don’t have health insurance is because of the cost. I would also want to know what factors would change these projections on health care coverage for the next 10 years. I could find out more by reading more reports like this, or on the ACA website.

Healthcare Post

Before I looked into this article, to be honest, I had no idea what CBO was. And I’m glad that I know what it is and that i’ll be able to look into it more deeply if I want to know more information about it. What I learned from reading this is that many people wouldn’t know is that insurance will change and that many people will be affected by this new Better Care Reconciliation. In addition, about 15 millions people will be uninsured just in the near year, 2018. To think about this, it is very close, it is next year. It is kind of scary how everything might change in the near future. According to the article, about 22 million people will not have insurance by the year of 2026. Because under this new legislation, penalty for not having insurance will be eliminated so that’s why many people will be uninsured.

Now, I want to know if this new legislation is worth it. I mean, what I am seeing is that a lot of people will be uninsured. That’s a negative thing. It looks like this new legislation is not making things easier for low income families. Many low income families will suffer because of this. That is what it looks like so far from what I read. It would be more negative than positive. Well, I might find out more about it if I search Better Care Reconciliation of 2017 since there are a lot of information online whether it is through federal websites or just news.

Prompt Two-Health Care Post

From this article, I learned that CBO stands for The Congressional Budget Office and I didn’t realize they are part of U.S. Congress.  To me, CBO seems like big part of congress since I am sure it is a Federal Department.  This report goes into pretty good detail about what we could be looking at as far as the effects of Insurance Coverage and how it can affect the Federal Budget’s deficit.

The article says a couple of times that Medicaid would be reduced by 26% by the year 2026.  It says up to 15 million would be uninsured by 2018 and the numbers in millions would continue to increase up to 22 million more who are uninsured versus 28 million under current law.   It does say things are fluctuating with the insurance companies and that more people will be uninsured if the penalty is removed for not having insurance; this is another reason why the number of uninsured will be higher in the future.

I would want to know from CBO and JCT(Joint Committee on Taxation); why not reduce Medicaid funding starting now by stating that there is a maximum number of children under Medicaid and make people pay a small portion.   I am all for reducing Medicaid so some people do not take advantage of it; this is my opinion.

I can find out more about this issue by going to their website, and I am sure ACA(Affordable Care Act) will mention data and changes too.   I can also find about these issues through television and Newspapers also.




Health Care Prompt 2

I have never read a CBO report or even a summary of one. I do not know what a CBO report is. After reading this resource, I found many things that consumers probably do not know. For example, it is estimated that by 2018 about 15 million people will be uninsured as there will not be a penalty for not having insurance. On top of that, premiums will increase, meaning that some families may not be able to afford any insurance.

What I would like to know now is how this will impact Americans in the long run. As I am only nineteen, it would be nice to know what the future will look like for health insurance. I might find out more through other government websites and perhaps through the news. However, I worry that by the time this reaches media outlets, it will already be too late, and these estimations will become reality.