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Challenge – What you do when you wake up!

Hi folks – There’s a little something I like to call MORNING coming your way tomorrow, the next day, and every time you get out of bed for the next several decades we hope!

Here’s a morning challenge for you. Whether you’re seeking extra learning, extra credit, or just want to try a healthy boost for your mornin’ routine, this one’s for you. (Oh, and if you think routines are for losers who don’t like excitement, you might want to rethink. Here’s an easy read that discusses saving your “willpower by developing habits and routine” as part of being successful and especially as part of being able to make healthier decisions when you really should.)

So – routine up, everybody! Start your day with a few healthy behaviors that can really become habit. Give it a try….

The minute you hit the bathroom tomorrow, after a needed potty stop of course, do all of the items on the list below. Oh, and keep it up for five days. That’s Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Do it. Then write at least three sentences per day about your experience. Post on Sunday, by 11:59pm. Use your username and Challenge, morning, and routine as tags, and Challenge as the category.

  • Drink water. At least a few sips. Water make you feel a bit sick first thing in the morning? Used to for me, too. Now I fill a quart jar at the sink, and get about 12 oz down first thing. So work up to it. Just take a sip or two, if you can’t stomach more.
  • Wash your face. That’s right. Cool water or warm, doesn’t matter. Just take a cloth, hold it under running water, put your face down, and give it a nice soft splash and gentle pat or two. Dry gently. Doesn’t that face feel GREAT now?! Guarantee your eyes are now open.
  • Brush your teeth and tongue. Did that before bed? Good for you. Do it before you start your day, too. Can’t hurt…. Especially if you sleep with your mouth open, you’re all pasty dry and yucky. Clean it up.
  • Comb or brush your hair. Why not? You’ll look snazzy!

Once you leave the bathroom:

  • Hold off on any sugary drinks until you just can’t STAND it. Don’t drink sugary drinks in the morning? Are ya sure? Not just talkin’ about soda. Also JUICE. That’s right. If you’re drinking apple or orange or some other fruit juice, you’re getting less of the fruit’s nutrition and more calories and concentrated sugar. Eat a piece of fruit instead. Oh, and it’s cheaper, too. Try it and see – a couple of pounds of apples or pears or bananas, etc seems spendy, until you grab that $5 smoothie or that $3 pint bottle of fancy juice. Just sayin’…. Usually have “coffee” with a bunch of flavored whitener or syrup in it before much of anything else? Try it without that; use a little half and half or a soy or nut milk creamer instead, but check for sugar in those other things. Just TRY your morning joe that way…. You may not like it at first, but your health (and your wallet) will thank you.

Glossary Building 1

One of the words I learned from this weeks slides is hegemony. Hegemony is spontaneous or passive consent. In other words, it’s allowing things to happen even if they will not benefit us at all, but simply because we think that things are meant to happen naturally and that’s how things work. Dictionary.com’s definition of hegemony is “leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation overothers, as in a confederation.” The definition of this word is so interesting to me because I think hegemony happens to many of us, when it comes to buying food, clothes, and many extra things that we don’t need. We purchase things that we crave, or think we need but later realize we could live without it.

Market justice is the idea that what is fair in the world or in our life is not possible. It is also the idea that our lives is operated like a market – we spend our hard earned money on things we desire. Market justice is important in consumer health because what we spend our money on can also affect our health. It can be medications to benefit our health, or unhealthy foods that do the opposite.

Social justice is the opposite of market justice and is the desired idea that we have in public health. It is the idea that societies are responsible to make sure everyone has fair and equal outcomes, no matter what healthy behaviors they choose to do. On pachamama.org, they describe social justice as, “governmental implementation of laws/rights that provide equal distribution of resources and opportunities, which in effect protects human dignity.”