Thinking and Discourse Prompts

Prompt 1:

The first thing that I noticed about Prompt 1 is probably the same thing that everybody else saw, and that was, they ask basically the same question. I mean there is no doubt about it, it is the same question just worded differently to make people wonder. Question 1 states; “Do you favor or oppose expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American?” This question really leaves it up to us to decide, whether we are for it or not. Most individuals though will not want to seem like a horrible person and they will most likely be peer-pressured into voting the same way that everybody else votes. Question 2 states; ” Do you favor or oppose creating a single-payer health care system, in which all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan that is financed by taxes?” This question leaves it up to the individual as well, while this question gives much more detail and insight too. It also gives more explanation of what will happen if Medicare is given to everybody.

Prompt 3:

I am also like a lot of other people because I chose the Birth Slides. Babies have always been something that I would like to have when I am older. Probably not for a couple of years but I don’t want to wait really long as well. I was a nanny for about 2 years and I also volunteered with a lot of babies. So let’s just say I am very comfortable when it comes to taking care of babies and being around them. Having a baby is a very important milestone in a women’s life. It can be very emotionally, physically and mentally challenging. I took a Family and Child Life last quarter and I learned a lot about being pregnant, having a baby and then raising a baby. Let’s just say if you are not prepared then you have a lot of hard times coming your way. Having a plan while being pregnant is very important when being a new mother. You have to remember to take your vitamins, go to your doctor’s appointments and all in all make sure your baby is happy and healthy because then you will be happy and healthy. Then you also got to have a plan when it comes to having the baby. Are you having a C-Section or are you going to have a natural birth? Are you going to want medication? An Epidural? All those questions come to the table the moment you hit your 9-month mark. Another thing to remember is what you are going to do after you have your baby. Do you have all the supplies for the baby? Food? Are you going to breastfeed or not? All sorts of other questions comes up when you leave that hospital. This time can be a very time for new mother’s because you don’t have a staff of doctor’s and nurse’s at your beck in call. When you leave that hospital you are on your own. And that is why it can be so scary and most mother’s will experience postpartum depression. Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed and go crazy because you are not getting any sleep. But if you just buckle down and get healthy you can and will be a good mother.


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