Thinking and Discourse – Prompt 3

For this week’s post I found the slides regarding birth, birth options, and maternal-child consumer issues most significant to myself. Being a first time mom and moving into our third trimester the reality of giving birth and my options are beginning to cross my mind more often than not. On top of the highlighted concepts in our slides I have also received notifications of what to expect throughout pregnancy from my applications. Concepts like induction, episiotomy, and cesarean section are constant procedures I have to consider now that I’ll be giving birth in 2 months. For myself, I hope to have a very natural birth that does not require me to be induced. This however requires me to maintain my health as much as I can to prevent early labor and a much easier labor. An induction pushes consumers to find alternatives to having their baby in a much more natural way or even in a different setting than that of a hospital. Today there are many more options to having a baby. This includes where you can have your baby and how you can have your baby. Many women today create something called a birth plan, which outlines the way in which they hope to give birth. This birth plan also includes episiotomy and cesarean section if it is applicable. Women cannot determine whether or not they will tear and whether or not they will need to have a c-section. Often time’s episiotomy is not medically necessary, but a cesarean section is. These concepts are very relevant to my life as a consumer and to any mother, father and their unborn child as consumers because choosing how we bring a child into this world is not a simple decision to make.

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