Thinking and Discourse

Prompt 1:

These questions are both asking the same thing, but the wording is chosen to be different. The first question is represented with vocabulary that seems to be less demanding of people and give everyone the self satisfaction of they could be the ones helping to cover health insurance. Including to themselves. The second question is worded in a more explanative sense, so I don’t know about most people on here, but I know if I see the words ‘financed by taxes’ I automatically think I am going to be paying more for something that isn’t just for me. I believe the second one draws to find more what people believe in. Only because it gives them a hint of something they may not want.

Language in consumer health now seems very important to me. It will guide people who don’t know what they’re rooting for. Or it could drown out something that could be the most important, just because it wasn’t voiced correctly. Language is a dangerous thing.


Prompt 2:

Market justice and social justice both have their fair points to argue. The difference lies within whether someone needs to (or wants to) take care of themselves or others. But in the Market, even if you make some decision it always is the right one. It is regulated by itself and represents that everything everyone has is deserved and earned by them and their actions. In society this is viewed as our default. And leads social justice onto being an alternative.

Social justice does focus on equality the same as the market, but does so by putting everyone on the same level. Everyone acquires their basic needs through which government action is necessary. Since society has an obligation to it. It shows in the community.

I learned from this post that the idea of ‘fair’ and equal are not entirely subjective, but have different angles that you can work with them from. From these ideas different ones can be formed. So the right of fairness I feel can be judged by us each time a new idea comes up.


Prompt 3:

I chose the overview of consumer health set of slides. One concept that I think is very important is understanding what consumer health really is. It includes anything that is related to and costs money. It’s about making decisions that will benefit or not benefit you. It’s about avoiding incorrect information or deception. And it’s about choosing to be able to understand what you are doing and to not be blind and alliterate.

Money is a very important concept in this field I believe. From what I understood from these slides, if people keep making money they are going to keep on wanting to do what it is to make money. Even if it poor for their health. Money keeps society on it’s feet in this day and age.

The last concept I would like to talk about is this idea of hegemony. Spontaneous consent is something in my eyes that can help or hurt someone. But generally I feel like it shouldn’t be someone’s top choice because you aren’t truly thinking of your decision. Hence the word spontaneous. But this kind of thing can lead to poor purchases and poor ideas.

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