Thinking and Discourse

Prompt 1:

Wording is incredibly important when doing polls and other surveys. One can manipulate wording to get people to say yes or no to something they would normally say the opposite. Wording can make people feel more informed but it can also make some feel less educated. It is very important to find the balance between these two ideals.

The first question is much vaguer than the second and appeals to human empathy while the second question is more explanatory and shows the whole process involved. Though these questions mean about the same thing, the responses varied by about 20% between the two. The first uses the words “every American” which appeals to the empathy that real patriots have for their compatriots while the second uses the word “taxes” which instantly gives the message a more negative connotation. Many Americans oppose more taxes but when taxes are not involved they want every one to have health insurance. Here lies the predicament, do we appeal to morals and empathy or do we appeal to politics and logistics.

Prompt 2:

Social Justice vs Market Justice highlights how influential wording choices can be to decision making. It discusses being more informed decision makers and how many people need to be more aware of how they make decisions. Again we come to the predicament, morals and empathy or politics and logistics. The first strives to help the community. The second works to preserve self and the individual.

Prompt 3:

Babies are often seen as having the greatest impact on a woman and her health but many often forget that they must carry and deliver the baby, which can have an even greater impact on all types of health. Mental, physical, and emotional health are strained when women have babies. A possible way to alleviate some of this strain is preparedness. A major part of preparedness is having the right information. Future mothers who are more informed about what to do and what not to do while pregnant, often feel more prepared for motherhood. Having more information often leads to mothers receiving prenatal care which is healthier for both baby and mother. Another important part of preparedness is a birth plan. Natural birth or C-section can be an incredibly stressful decisions for mothers. Many women nowadays face shame for having a C-section and are told they did not give birth so therefore they did not have a child. Both natural birth and C-sections carry their risks and each mother should be able to make their choice about how they are going to give birth and they should face ZERO shame for either decision. Many people do not take women’s health seriously and do not understand the importance of healthy births. Many underestimate the importance of women’s health in our society. But without healthy women, everyone else suffers.

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