Glossary Building #1

In the Birth, Birth Options, and Maternal-Child Consumer Issues PowerPoint the term stakeholders is used in the final slide. I was confused as to who these stakeholders are that need to be educated on this area of consumer health. Synonyms for stakeholders are investors, shareholders, backers, sponsors, participants, patrons and interested parties. By these synonyms I understand now that doctors, patients, expectant or future expectant mothers and fathers are considered the stakeholders in birth, birth options and maternal-child consumer issues.

In the Pharmaceutical Industry and Consumers PowerPoint the term detailing is used ponder how we can take control of this. I was interested in why the word included quotation marks around it and followed the link. After following the link detailing refers to outreach education for health care professionals. This is when trained pharmacists, nurses and physicians otherwise known as clinical educators meet with health care professionals to discuss and introduce appropriate therapeutic choices and patient care practices. These trained professionals are the individuals providing the details to health care providers.

In the Babies and Small Children Consumer Issues Power Point the term brand loyalty is used to describe the risks and who is at risk in early childhood services. I was unsure what brand loyalty meant in this context and then defined each word individually. Synonyms for brand are make, product, kind or simply brand name. Loyalty means faithfulness, so together it means faithfulness to a/the make, product, kind or brand name. In this way we do find our loyalties to certain brands like popular brands Burt’s Bees, Babyganics, Johnson’s & Johnson’s, Medela, Munchkin, Fisher Price, Graco, Baby Einstein and so on. We also find our loyalties to certain early childhood services like KinderCare, Bright Horizons, Montessori schools and so on.

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