Is there justice in the market?

Thinking and Discourse Prompt 2:

Market Justice assumes that the market will regulate itself: if a company makes bad products or conducts itself deemed unacceptable it will lose business. With the levels of dishonesty in health marketing, how can the consumer change the market, if they do not even know they need to demand it?

For example (I talked a bit about this in my introduction) there is a brand called Stevia in the Raw which does not even contain stevia as the main ingredient. A consumer would assume that with a name insinuating that it is pure stevia, that it would actually be made of stevia.

The seafood market is often mislabeled, many labels claim to be wild when they are not. Oceana is a non-profit which has conducted the most sweeping tests nationally found that 58% of stores had mislabeled or fraudulent seafood labels (

We have a bunch of names for different egg products. When people buy  free-range, they most likely envision chickens in large open spaces where the can roam around. This is not the case; free-range does not mean they get to run around, it only means they have exposure to the outdoors. The product people want when buying free-range is actually pasture-raised; maybe due to demand, pasture raised has started to show up in more stores.

One thing the consumer can do is to boycott brands when they do things the customer disagrees with. But this method does not work for big cooperation’s, a company like Nestle (who was the most advertised food brand worldwide in 20l5) has over 8,500 companies over 80 countries. How do you boycott that?

It’s hard to make informed choices in our market and looking at information like this, it is hard to imagine that my choices as a consumer make an impact. But people are becoming more vigilant, social media can be used to spread the word, call out large corporations and the internet has made information easier to locate (or fact check) if you know what to look for.

I have a recent example of this ‘in-action’. I saw a post on social media talking about animal testing in makeup. I do not want to support animal testing, so I googled cruelty free brands. Social media reminded me of this issue making me become an informed consumer. Boycotting is important, but I also think that what you choose to support is just as (or even more) important. If companies see interest in a market, they will try to make a product. The initial product might not be ideal but it would be a step in the right direction, what the consumer supports can keep driving things closer to the goal.

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