Thinking and Discourse Prompt One

Q1: Do you favor or oppose expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American?

  • 60% Favor strongly or favor somewhat
  • 23% Oppose strongly or oppose somewhat

Q2:. Do you favor or oppose creating a single-payer health care system, in which all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan that is financed by taxes?

  • 44% Favor strongly or favor somewhat
  • 31% Oppose strongly or oppose somewhat


Thinking and Disclosure prompt one asks us to compare the two above polls. This prompt is very interesting in that the questions are essentially asking the same thing, only with different wording. Both questions are in regards to providing healthcare for all Americans, question one phrases itself in a simplified way. It almost seems like a morality questions. Do you think all Americans should healthcare? Of course more people would approve of everyone having health coverage, but that question does not provide a clear scope of what is being asked of the voters. When we look at question two we receive a clearer picture of what is being asked. If you look at the verbiage of question two in comparison to question of you can immediately see that more detail is stated and that it states, in a basic form, what exactly would happen with the expansion of Medicare. When the basic details are revealed you can see a definite shifting in the voters responses, the favorable votes fell by almost 20% and the oppositional votes had an increase of almost 10%. What is interesting is when I read the questions the first questions is an automatic yes for me, but the second question made me pause and think for a moment, specifically the financed by taxes part. Language and phrasing are really important and can actually influence decisions and beliefs of consumers. I think that phrase is mainly what influenced the shift in the polls. Money is a huge influence in decision making and will generally make people think twice before jumping into a decision. I would say that the second question is a better source for gauging what consumers actually believe in regards to the national healthcare issue.

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