The differences

As I am looking at the two questions, I saw that these two questions are very similar in what they are asking. What I noticed about the first question is that is it very simple and plain. The question asked, “Do you favor or oppose expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American?” This question, I feel, that is very general. It does not go into details as to what exactly they’re asking the people answering the question.  On the other hand, the second question was more detailed. For instance, it was clear what exactly they were asking the people answering the question. I think that this second question, “Do you favor or oppose creating a single-payer health care system, in which all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan that is financed by taxes?” is clearer because it goes into the details. It is directly asking the people taking the survey what exactly they mean with the question.

I think that when people ask a general question, it is hard to actually know what they are really asking or referring to. When people ask detail questions, it is much better for someone to understand the question so that way they are aware of what they are answering. For example, these two questions are asking about the same topic and the answers were so different. One might wonder why. Maybe the reason why people voted more for the first question, which was simple, was because they did not think of what exactly they’re being asked. As for the second question, the question was clear and detailed, many more people did not favor it because they knew exactly what they were being asked to answer. The question was clearer by going more into details and I think it was more understandable. Many more people opposed to the second question than the first. Why? Probably because they understood more of what they’re being asked. These people answering the questions understood and decided where they stood about healthcare. Finally, when asking  questions, clearer and more detailed question is better than a simple, general, or plain question because people need to know exactly what they are answering.

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