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Thinking and Discourse Prompts

The difference between question one and question two is question two is more specific in what it is asking. Also, its clearer for the consumer because the language being used helps the consumer understand the question better. These questions show me that the importance of language in consumer health is very important. It can affect the results at the end and helps consumers correctly answer what they actually believe in.


The Social Justice vs. Market Justice helps me understand that market justice is more selfish, in a sense because it doesn’t see or hear or care at all. Whereas social justice is more for the well-being of a community than an individual. I could use this understanding to help encourage better consumer decisions in the health area of having free medical or single-payer medical for all. Market justice seems really negative about the way people live. It basically means that if you’re poor or having any sort of difficulties, it is because that person has placed themselves in that situation and therefore have no one to blame except themselves. I don’t agree with this way of thinking. Some people, I’m sure do place themselves in difficult situations however a lot of people can be born into a working-class family or just may not have the same advantages as other people do; and that’s not their fault. According to social justice, if we would have free medical for all people, that would take care of communities of people and create a better functioning society as well as equal.


The slide set that is found in the overview slides, the slideshow “The New Consumer Health-An Overview” provides good concepts. A concept that is important for me is what consumer health is. It connects to me by having the awareness of facts as a consumer. For example, reading about the market justice benefits companies when it comes to less regulations. It connects to me as a consumer because if I go to a clinic or hospital I would expect them to be able to give me facts and not deceive me or give me misinformation or anything of the sort (Slide 2).


Another concept is the example of a quote that says, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” This can be seen in two different perspectives. In a good way, we see that small acts multiplied can better the world in several ways. In a bad way, it can make the world cruel place. This connects with me because when we look at market justice it basically means that every is on their own or that everyone has their own agenda. However, if we look at it in a social justice perspective, we see that little acts can transform a community. This connects to me as consumer because people are able to support and donate good causes to help others in the states or well as give aid internationally (Slide 11).


The last concept is the discussion of what hegemonic is. It connects with something I’ve read in class because it says that hegemonic is when you buy something that is not good for you (one of four definitions). We can see this when we eat junk food or fast food. We know its’ not good for us, yet because it is cheap or simply because we like it we eat it.  As a consumer, it connects to me because I love to eat candy. I know it’s bad for me, but I have a sweet tooth and I consumer it a lot (Slide 16).

The differences

As I am looking at the two questions, I saw that these two questions are very similar in what they are asking. What I noticed about the first question is that is it very simple and plain. The question asked, “Do you favor or oppose expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American?” This question, I feel, that is very general. It does not go into details as to what exactly they’re asking the people answering the question.  On the other hand, the second question was more detailed. For instance, it was clear what exactly they were asking the people answering the question. I think that this second question, “Do you favor or oppose creating a single-payer health care system, in which all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan that is financed by taxes?” is clearer because it goes into the details. It is directly asking the people taking the survey what exactly they mean with the question.

I think that when people ask a general question, it is hard to actually know what they are really asking or referring to. When people ask detail questions, it is much better for someone to understand the question so that way they are aware of what they are answering. For example, these two questions are asking about the same topic and the answers were so different. One might wonder why. Maybe the reason why people voted more for the first question, which was simple, was because they did not think of what exactly they’re being asked. As for the second question, the question was clear and detailed, many more people did not favor it because they knew exactly what they were being asked to answer. The question was clearer by going more into details and I think it was more understandable. Many more people opposed to the second question than the first. Why? Probably because they understood more of what they’re being asked. These people answering the questions understood and decided where they stood about healthcare. Finally, when asking  questions, clearer and more detailed question is better than a simple, general, or plain question because people need to know exactly what they are answering.

Intro- Celine

Hi, my name is Celine and I’m a senior here at CWU majoring in Public Health with a specialization in Population Health and a minor in Spanish. After I graduate this Spring, I hope to complete my internship and move to California to pursue my career. I am not sure exactly what I want to do with my degree but I am very open minded and versatile so I believe I can succeed and find something to like in any job.

As a consumer, I would not say I am very aware of what I purchase but I am hoping this class will give me some insight and tips on how to be a healthier consumer. Like many others have said on here, I am a broke college student and I often opt to buy the more convenient and cheaper goods such as frozen fruits, veggies and processed foods. I admit I do eat out a lot, especially when I am on the go and I also work in a restaurant so I am always eating meals from there too!

Two values that are important to me are kindness and family. Being kind to every person regardless of any sort of characteristic is something I find very important. I always go by the saying “treat others how you would like to be treated”. My family is also very near and dear to my heart and we have a very close relationship with each other so my family values are very strong.

Two rights that I am certain about are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Having the right to speech is important because it gives people a chance to speak out on injustice and make what ever statement you are trying to make. I know right now in the U.S. it seems as though all religions may not be “accepted”, but we really are allowed to believe and practice any religion we want to. Coming from a home with a Hindu mother and a Christian father, this right is very relevant in my life.

One right I think we should have are the right to health care Healthcare is important because there any many people without it who cant afford preventative care, so they often end up in a more expensive treatment paid for by taxpayers. If we invest in primary care, our health as a nation would eventually get better. I also think that everyone should have an equal opportunity to obtain a not only primary and secondary education, but college as well (without having to spend an arm and a leg).


Intro Post


Hello everyone!  My name is Amanda. I am just now figuring out how Word Press works.  I have never used a site like this, so I hope that I post this in the right spot!  Anyway, this is my first quarter studying at CWU.  I finished my AA at Pierce College and am looking forward to graduating with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I am married, have one daughter, and have another daughter on the way.  She will be here by October 9th!  I have worked as a paralegal for the past 12 years.  After I graduate from CWU, I plan to move on to a law clerk program and eventually (within the next 5 years) sit for the bar and become a lawyer.