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Intro Post – Shania

Hi everyone, my name is Shania Florencio. I’m a senior here at CWU majoring in psychology and minoring in public health. I joined this course a little late but I’m excited to learn more about consumer health. I love having psychology as a background in my public health courses because I really get to see how our physical health can affect our emotional/mental health. I’m still not sure what exactly I’ll do after graduating, but I know that everything I have learned in my psychology and public health courses will be beneficial to me.

I believe that my consumer health status is improving compared to a couple months ago. Even though money is tough as a college student living off campus, I find myself reaching more for nutritious foods other than cheap, unhealthy ones. I know that eating foods that are fresh, not processed, and don’t have a bunch of suspicious ingredients in it, will improve my energy level, skin, and my health in the long run. I am also into skincare, so I avoid most dairy products because I noticed that it can cause me to break out a lot. I do treat myself with some ice cream once in a while and deal with the breakout for the next few days. My consumer health status has also improved because I’ve started working out a lot more. This summer, I made it a goal to go to the gym and do cardio or weight train at least 4 times a week. After moving back to Ellensburg, I’ve kept that goal and have been making it a point to fit exercising into my busy school schedule!

Family and respect are two values that I hold. I grew up very family-oriented, and it has always been my top priority. My family raised me on the importance of not only respecting others, but also respecting myself. I believe that respecting others includes having an open mind to others beliefs and opinions.

One of the rights I am certain that we all have is Freedom of Speech. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions and are free to say whatever they want. Another right that we have is the right to bear arms. Many choose to carry a weapon to protect themselves, or sometimes just to carry it.

A right that I believe everyone SHOULD have is healthcare. Many people do not have insurance, live close to an area where they can receive care when they need it, or understand the importance of receiving regular and proper healthcare. Another big factor in people not getting the healthcare they need is because it is expensive. Freedom to speak your native language is another right I believe we should all have. There are thousands of different languages in the world, and it is completely unfair that people get mistreated for speaking a different language.

Hello, my name is Jessica Sanchez this is my first year attending CWU, I enrolled in this course because I am interested in majoring in Public Health mainly because I want to learn valuable information that will help me make healthy choice as well as to help others to make those healthy choices too. I want to be able to communicate to people the information and preventive measures that can help them add years and health to their lives.

Regarding my personal consumer health I try to have a healthy diet, I do this by avoiding highly processed foods as much as I can, of course I still consume processed foods because it is somewhat difficult to find the healthiest foods in the market. However, Some of the steps I take towards having a healthier diet are  buying organic food products. Also, recently  I stopped drinking cows milk and decided to consume non-GMO almond milk, basically I try to purchase most non-GMO products.

Two of the most important values for me are love and empathy, this is because if we love ourselves we are more likely to make choices that are going to benefit us, and thus making us live a healthier and happier life. I believe empathy is another important value this is because if we are  able to develop the capacity to understand and share the feelings of another person from their perspective we are going to be more interested in helping them in any way we can, thus creating a more healthy and harmonious environment.

I would consider the right of life, the right of freedom of speech, and the right freedom of religion to be the most important rights we posses. The freedom to live for example is the most important for obvious reasons. As for freedom of speech, it is important because it enable us to express our thought and ideas about everything, especially to express our opinions on social issues that affect each and everyone of us. By expressing our opinions, ideas, etc… we can actually make hopefully beneficial changes in the world. Moreover, freedom of religion is another important human right as religion can be an essential part of the lives of many people.

In addition to the rights we have I believe everyone should have to right to free healthcare, regardless of their age, sex, class etc. .. this is because we have to be aware that not everyone has the same opportunities mostly due to the stratification system in our country. Some people do not even have money for their basic needs to be met, let alone for costly visits to a health care professional and for highly expensive treatments. So, if people had free health care it would save many lives and they would have an improvement in their overall quality of life. Another right that we should have is the right to free education, as I mentioned before not everyone has the financial means to obtain higher education and because of this many people with great talent lack the opportunity to get the education they need to be able to make great contributions to not just their life but to our society. Some of those contributions could even make important changes in the world.






My name is Indera and joined this course late but glad to meet other people on here.

Two things that are important to me as a consumer of health is being healthy naturally and having affordable insurance.

Two other rights I like personally is the freedom to be independent and speech.