Hi, my name is Erica Lianne.

This is my last quarter at CWU and when it’s all said and done I’ll be an IDS Major with a Sociology Minor. I got married this year and am due to give birth to my little guy in December. It has been a very exciting year for me and I cannot wait for December to finally roll around!

My personal consumer health right now is at the top of my priorities. I am constantly looking for healthier choices, exercising as much as I can and putting very limited beauty products on my hair or skin. From this class I hope to better understand what my role as a consumer is to my health. I hope to discover ways to better my life physically, emotionally and intellectually.

I am first a daughter, now a wife and soon a mother. Family is a value that I hold very dear to my heart. For me my family has always been a constant in life and that is a comfort of mine. No matter what could possibly happen, I know that in my life and in my heart that I will always have my family. Secondly, I value others, like all of you. We cannot learn simply from ourselves, but from others as well. I believe that if we choose not to interact with others we are only cheating ourselves from the lessons or knowledge that can be shared.

A right I am certain we all have is the freedom of speech. If we did not have this right we would not be able to share our ideas with another here. Our thoughts would be silenced and the world would be at a stand still. Another right I think we are all entitled to is the right to identify as we wish. Who’s right is it to decide how we identify ourselves? We define ourselves and make our lives as we see fit.

Although I believe we have a right to define ourselves and make our lives as we see fit in reality there are some things that aren’t a right to everyone. One right I feel everyone should have in order to live life is health insurance regardless of their income, race, ethnicity, gender or other categories. We all need to realize that in order for us to all be able to live our lives we have to maintain our individual health. In order to do this we all need to be able to access healthcare. Another right I feel everyone should have is the right to an education regardless of their citizenship or immigration status. Education is our key to a better life and by revoking that right from some individuals we are taking that opportunity away from them. We are changing the course of their life rather than them changing the course of their life.

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