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DarlaD Intro

I am completing my senior year with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology.  I also have a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling, which I believe is an important background to have in the mental health clinical counseling.

I think all living beings have a right to healthcare, which includes dental care and has been proven to be an important part in our medical health. I value respect and honesty in others and expect the same from my self towards others.

Two things that I strongly believe we have a right to, are the transparency in the food, water and air quality we consume and the right to respect and stand up for our countries flag, constitution and holding our public service officers/politicians accountable for our safety and well-being and standing up for our own beliefs.

Savanah’s Introduction Post

My name is Savanah and I am a transfer student this year to CWU. I am planning to finish my degree within the Interdisciplinary studies (IDS) major to help me pursue my dream of creating a non-profit that focuses on helping prevent teenage suicide. This has been my goal since I was younger and I am happy to be on the path to creating it. I have been working full time and going to school full time the last few years – so I am naturally a busy person.

My consumer health status is probably a little above average I believe. I am a vegetarian so I am constantly shopping, looking, researching meat alternatives or vegetarian meals (I love to cook so this is not an issue). I try to stick to a healthier diet, especially since I am  eating vegetables and fruit a lot of the time, but when I first started being vegetarian I ate a lot of food with high carb content or starch which is not healthy all the time. I do get cravings for things like french fries sometimes (and sometimes I will treat myself to them) but I know to be more cautious about how much I treat myself to. With that being said, my learning goals are to learn what out there in the food industry is beneficial for our health and the environment because I believe that those things go hand in hand. I want to also learn if my life style has an impact on the environment.

The values that I hold close to me are honesty and authenticity. I believe that honesty is important with any relationship and it allows for relationships of any kind to thrive. Without honesty, there is chaos and conflict and those traits can easily be avoided. I also value authenticity because I think that people should always be there real self in any given situation. Authenticity creates a foundation of trust between individuals and that is  a great way for every relationship to start.

I think that rights vary based on who you ask but here are two that I feel we as people have. The first right is the freedom of speech. We are able to voice whatever is on our mind anywhere on any platform. There are sometimes consequences that come with this freedom but it is a freedom that that not every gender or race is able to express in other countries. The second right is the right to vote regardless of what gender we identify as. We are able to show where we stand, against or for, with social, environmental, political, etc. issues.

I think the rights we should have is a very long list but here are two that I can talk about. I believe that healthcare is a basic human right and should be available to anybody who needs it. The US does not have universal health care which is in contrast to most of its  allies. Due to our nation lacking in the ability to provide services, care, and basic needs to every individual, people are losing family members and friends because they had to say “no” to if they had insurance or not. The other right I believe we should have is the right to express. I know that most people will argue that it groups into the freedom of speech and they would be correct. However, my thoughts mean the right to express who we are. There are people who hide their gender, sexuality, etc. from the world because they are taught that they are not human if they do not identify as one thing or the other. We should have the right the express our races freely, our genders freely our sexualities freely.


Introduction Post:

My name is Amanda. I am a transfer student from Skagit Valley College. I have lived in Skagit Valley my entire life (almost 21 years), as much as I love my home town, I needed a break. So I decided to start fresh and go a different angle with school. My whole life I wanted to be a counselor for children in need, but now I have a sparked interest in the EMS Paramedicine program at CWU. I cannot start the program until the summer of 2018 so I decided to take a variety of classes this quarter to see if this is really what I want to do. I am taking an advanced first aid and CPR class and also a family and child life class. I am taking the family and child life class because I want to make sure I am not giving up on what I have wanted to do my entire life.

To be completely honest, I LOVE FOOD, but I am not the cleanest eater. I like to eat healthy and obviously feel cleaner when I eat clean but as a “poor college student” I do NOT have the luxury. Of course, I get tired of eating top ramen, macaroni and cheese and frozen foods but eating like Paula Dean and Rachel Ray is not something I can fit into my budget. When I think of “personal consumer health status” (I’m not even sure what that means but I am going to give it a go) I think of my overall well being (physical, psychological, spiritual and social). Physically I am a-ok! Psychologically not so much. I moved to Ellensburg not knowing anybody but my boyfriend and 2 cousins. I live off campus and it gets a little lonely at times but with school just getting started I know I will make friends soon. Spiritually I am in a good place. Socially I need some help just because I am alone 95% of the time but I know that will change soon.

Two values that I hold are love unconditionally and always bring a jacket. I believe that loving unconditionally is a great value to have because if anything were to happen, you know you did your best. A lot of great traits come along with love, such as, kindness and joy. So, with that being said, if you love unconditionally, I believe that you can be a lot happier. In my opinion, always bring a jacket is a no brainer if you live in Washington but I live by it because I am ALWAYS cold.

As humans, we have a lot of “rights”. I am certain that we all have the right to life. WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE. I am also certain that we all have the right to get married and have a family if you choose to. Now, since I don’t like getting into the legality of things I’ll share the rights I am not certain of but think humans should have. I grew up with a large family, and with that being said, I think we all have the right to our own space. Not the kind of space when you share a room with your sister and you put a line down the middle and say “you can’t cross this”, but more like you need time to your self to think about personal things or just to be by yourself because you would rather be by yourself, and that is completely ok! Another right I believe that we should have is the right to a decent living condition. Yes, I get the fact that you need a job to make money and money pays the bills and thats how the world works, but what about the underage children living on the streets because of child abuse or other family issues that they had no part in? Since they are underage, they can’t get a job. Yes, there are shelters but not enough and a lot of the time they’ll ask for money if you want a bed.



Introduction Post

Hello everyone,

My name is Mikaela, I am new transfer to CWU and am currently a Junior pursuing my bachelors in Social Science. I am planning to graduate with my Bachelors and enroll in an accelerated nursing program through (hopefully) UW. I really love working with and helping others and actually spent the last few years providing 24/7 in home care for my grandfather who has dementia. I am hoping to become a registered nurse within the next few years and ideally would like to work in a hospital setting. I live a pretty good lifestyle in my opinion, I eat healthy foods, exercise every day, and take my vitamins (vitamin gummies all the way lol).  I try to make good choices and tend to research something before I just dive into the latest craze. I do not think I am too unhealthy in regards to my consumer health, but I also do not fully understand all that encompasses the subject. I am greatly looking forward to learning more about the matter and how it effects our society and socialization.

If I had to pick two values that are important to me then they would be honesty and drive. Honesty is key in my opinion to healthy relationships, its difficult to build trust with or respect others without it. Drive is important because it symbolizes progression and how hard we will work to obtain our goals.

Two rights that I know we possess are Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Two rights that I believe we should have are the right to privacy and the right to a higher education. Privacy is a hot button these days, and there is an overabundance in the sharing of personal details. Peoples social media profiles, and sensitive information are often hacked or stolen with little to no consequence. There is little in place to prevent a person information from being stolen. For example, the recent Equifax hacking in which millions of people’s personal information was stolen with minimal backlash was not shared with the public until months after the fact. When it was shared it was handled sloppily and no real solutions or efforts were put forth to the fix the situation or prevent it from happening again. As for education, I believe that there should be something put into place that makes higher education available to those of lesser incomes without putting them in substantial debt.

Jenna’s Intro Post

My name is Jenna. This is my last quarter at CWU before graduating. I’m an anthropology major with a specialization in medicine and public health minor. I am planning on going to graduate school next year to get a PHD in medical anthropology/biomedical sciences. My goal is to become a physician or researcher who works with chronic illness.

I would say I am active in staying (or trying too) informed about the products I buy. I do not trust labels or marketing promises. I try to do research on new items especially food, medicine and medical treatments. Being able to make the best purchasing choices can be hard due to cost and time restraints.


Compassion is a value which important in my life. I believe that people have a responsibility to help others. We should do our best to be empathetic, respect each other and help when we can. I believe that compassion ties deeply with social justice.

I also highly value education; even when I was 5 years old I wanted to attend university. I’ve always loved school and learning new things. I was (and still am) the kid who would read academic material for fun. I believe that everyone should actively pursue education. This could mean something big like going to university or smaller things like learning the benefits of exercise, strategies for how to quit smoking, taking cooking classes and so on. I do recognize that people have limited resources (time/money/knowledge) which makes it very difficult to seek out education and today credible information can be hard to find. One reason believe that public health is so important is that it can assist people by giving them the opportunity to access information, programs and products backed by scientific research.

Two Rights We Have

I had a bit of difficulty with this section as I do not believe that everyone’s rights are treated equally. When one group represents the many, we cannot truly have equal access to rights.

Freedom of speech is a right our society holds dear but some groups of people protected more vigorously than others.

The first amendment protects freedom of religion. Thomas Jefferson said that the first amendment created “a wall of separation between church and state.”  But even today we still see church and state mixing. For example, I have never been able to find a non-religious reason against abortion but it is considered a deeply political issue.


Two Rights We Should Have

I believe that health is a human right. People should have access to all medical services they need, clean water, enough food, safe working conditions, decent housing and sanitary environment.  Healthcare should not be treated as a product or something earned. The ability to live a healthy life should be obtainable by all members of a society.


I believe that we should have a right to transparency. I think that we have the right to know where our products came from, who made them, how they were made and what is in them. For example, food labels should make it easy to know what the product contains. But for the most part, food companies mark what is not in food rather than what is as a selling point; you don’t see food advertising that it contains GMOs or MSG. Many ingredients are disguised under various names. Sugar does not have a % daily value. Stevia sweeteners such as Stevia in the Raw or Truvia contain dextrose (made from corn) or erythritol (sugar alcohol) as the main ingredient and the stevia leaf as an extract.  Deceptive and misleading labels impedes our ability to make informed choices.


Hello! My name is Kandi. I am a transfer student to CWU; I’m a junior this year. To be honest, I am not 100% sure what I want to pursue as a career. I have been debating if I should become a nutritionist or a social work because I want to help people in any ways that I can. However, I have realized that maybe business and public health is a better choice because I want to have my own business in the future. Also, I’m interested in public health because it is something where I can help people.

My consumer health statues, I see it as average consumer health statues most times. I try to eat healthy whenever I can. Although, I am someone who does not crave fast food much. I could maybe eat it if someone gave it to me. I do not want to buy it because it is not something that I would spend my money on. I am not a fan of a lot of fast food especially burgers or anything that is fried. For example, when I see greasy food, I feel kind of sick by it. I am not a fan of anything that is greasy or sweet. That’s who I am now. Of course when I was younger, I ate many things that I do not eat in my life now.

My learning goals are to stick with my healthy eating plan for as long as I live. Two values that I hold are higher education and making a difference in whatever ways that I can. Education is very important to me; it is what I live for. And I value making a difference because I am someone who cares a lot about what’s going on in the world. Making a difference is important to me. Two rights I am certain we have here in America is the right to equal justice and freedom of expression. Of course, there are more rights that Americans have. Most rights we have here is nonexistent in other parts of world. Other rights I believe we, as humans, should have is having full coverage for healthcare. There are many people who do not have the money to go to the doctor even if they are extremely sick. Because healthcare is expensive, people can’t afford it unless they are rich or have good insurance. Even with good insurance, it doesn’t cover everything. I believe that people everywhere in the world should not pay for anything that is basically necessary to survive. Another rights people should have is the right to have free lunch especially middle school kids or just kids. Some parents can’t afford to pay for their children’s lunches; and , it is just sad. I believe that kids should have free lunches and especially if they cannot afford it. I believe that kids should never go hungry. Never.



Hello there,

My name’s Lily. I transferred to Central last year after getting my Associates degree from YVC in Yakima. I am currently a senior here at CWU, but still have another year till graduation if everything remains on schedule. I am majoring in history so that I may get my bachelors in History teaching. There’s a lot of people that switch majors while in college, which is fine. If you’re going to be doing a job it should be one that you are sure you will like. For me, I came in wanting to teach history as I am a huge history buff, and college, for me, has reinforced it, especially after meeting others who share my interest. Currently, I still live at home so I do tend to eat healthy, but I love fast food, which is bad. I do tend to eat that maybe twice a week, but I would still like to make better choices about what I consume. I would like to be more informed on consumer health and how it effects our society.

Two values that are very important to me and I hold close to my heart are honesty and respect. People should be honest about the world in general and lying is stressful for everyone. Be loyal and treat your family and friends and anyone else in your life with respect. If you respect others, you will receive respect, all around it makes the world a better place.

Two rights that we have are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. These are two rights that are guaranteed under our U.S constitution, but in other places around the world people are killed for it. While it is true that some people may go overboard with the freedom of speech, it is still important that we have this right. Two rights that we should have are a right to higher education and a right to have affordable health care. People should have a right to learn even of they cannot afford it and a right to get life saving medical procedures even if they can’t afford it. I think the world would be a better place if we could have these.

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Introduction Post

My name is Emily, right now I am a transfer student who got an Associate’s degree from Bellevue College in western Washington. I moved here not knowing anyone who lives in the area or goes to this school, but I came here because Central has one of the best nutrition programs in the state, and I am hoping to become a Registered Dietitian with a minor in public health.

My personal consumer health status is less than optimal. Being a poor college student with little time on my hands I tend to opt for cheaper and prepackaged food items. While this can sometimes mean things like kale chips and dried vegetables, it also means things like Cheetos and Oreos. The fact that college kids are sometimes offered a student discount at fast food chains does not help my health. I am also aware that the two eggs I used to eat for breakfast every morning came from a farm the much resembled one that you might see in a documentary such as “Forks and Knives”. My learning goals for this class are to learn exactly what consumer health is and how it would apply to my major. I then hope to be able to take what I have learned in this class and use it in my future public health and nutrition classes. After graduating, I hope to work in a field that applies nutrition to cancer research, or perhaps in designing the meal plans for public schools.

Two values that I hold are honesty and empathy. I am aware that humans mess up, it happens, a perfect human is a boring human. That is why I believe that honesty is so important, yes, we all screw up, but I believe honesty is a sign of a good character. Empathy is very important to me as well. I believe that we must be able to relate to other human beings, even those with experiences wildly different from our own. This allows me to try and understand the way that a person behaves from their point of view, rather than making assumptions or responding in an emotional way that usually ends up in a mess. However, I will admit that it is hard for me to get along with those who lack empathy. While I am trying to see things from this non-empathetic individual’s side, they are also seeing things from their side, and the conversation will go nowhere, and nothing will have been achieved.

I struggled to find two rights that I am certain Americans have. It appears everything I thought of, there was evidence to contradict it. Perhaps the closest I could come was the right to a trial when charged with a crime, and freedom of speech. However, in saying these things I am fully aware of the injustices of our legal systems, and how many people can “slip through the cracks” when it comes to a fair trial or be detained for expressing their opinions when not threatening or violent.

Two rights I believe that we should have but am not sure that we do have are the right to affordable health care, and the right to affordable secondary education. Health care is generally for survival, and secondary education allows a person to obtain a better paying job. Many people are unable to afford either. I will not get into the debate about Obamacare or how our current President is handling health care in the United States. However, I will state that thousands of people do not have access to health care and are suffering or dying because of it. And yet these people continue to suffer as only access to health care they may have is a free clinic. From a public health perspective, this is not okay. As for a college education, it is not affordable. Every student going to this school is aware of that fact. Even community college can be over $1,000 a quarter in just tuition alone. Trying to pay for books, housing, a car, insurance, food, and utilities on top of that is unreasonable to ask of 18-22-year olds or their parents. And yet it is nearly impossible to obtain a job that pays over $30,000 a year without a college degree. This leads to socioeconomic gaps that are too large to overcome, and to debt that will take the next five to thirty years to pay off after graduation.