Mortality Challenge

As a US Army Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan, I have become quite familiar with the concepts of death and mortality. Despite losing many members of my battalion, division and branch of service during my time there, I never had to experience losing anyone close to me in combat. Ironically, I have lost 3 brothers and sisters in arms of whom I served with to suicide and illness since our return. Of course there is more to the story about my time in the Army, but it’s difficult to talk about so I’m going to leave it where it is. What I can mention, as a consumer though, is that in the Army we all had life insurance, which was there to help cover burial cost as well provide some sort of financial buffer for our next of kin.

However, recently my grandma died just a few months ago. The family and friends of the family are still dealing with the fallout of her death, even though she will be missed at least it can be said that she lived a full life; having reached the ripe age 89. Fortunately, she had a Will written before she died, so her assets were secured and taken care of after her death.

As consumers it is very important to have our loved ones taken care of if we should depart before our predicted times.


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