Food Prompt 2

My reaction to the article was actually shocking, it first started by talking about an individual’s 7-day plan of eating junk food in moderation and I thought it was good. But then I continued reading and saw that the individual wasn’t eating in moderation, it’s was a life style. I was very wrong about that. I really liked the part about how there aren’t superfoods but there is supervillain food. That is something that consumers should know because many think that healthy food would beat junk food when in reality it won’t because some are made with harsh chemicals that healthy food won’t be able to beat. I don’t see my self in it, I grew up eating healthy food on a daily basis and no junk food at home (not even a piece of candy). That lifestyle has stayed that way since I left to college. Even now I only eat one piece of junk food every 2 weeks or so. I don’t plan it, it just happens. The next step for me would be to just keep the same diet that I have. I was fortunate to grow up with this healthy lifestyle that changing it could potentially make things worse.


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