Weekly Post 5

I was unable to find any prompts for week 5 posts, so I was not sure what to write about so I will write up a random public health post if that is allowed.

This may side track from what we have been talking and the idea I have when it comes to public health concerns might be to risky of a topic but I think it something to be considered.

Many people love going to parks or open areas, especially in the summer. In fact, a lot of these people often take their dogs for walks with them or to go play at the park. Here’s the thing though, when you take a dog to the park or on a walk, it is going it its business eventually. I mean it is inevitable. Now if you don’t clean up after your dog, it is illegal and you can be fined if caught.

However,  I feel people are rarely getting caught, which is why people don’t clean up after their pets. This is a huge concern because first of all it is a public health concern. Many people say it is fertilizer, which I agree with, yes it is good for the soil. However, when dogs do their thing, it often leaves behind toxins, whether or not it is cleaned up or not.

If kids are playing around where a dog just went to do its duties, how safe and sanitary is that really then? Especially if people are not actually cleaning up after their dogs and if there is no one around to keep them accountable.

As consumer of parks and outdoor areas, this idea troubles me. Is there even a right answer of whether or not it is publicly safe for people to play and have picnics around areas where dogs do their business when it leaves toxins behind?

I would love for someone’s approach or take on this idea, or even someone else who is just as much as a park consumer as me.





About Elizabeth

My name is Liz and I love all sorts of sports. I want to become a Seahawks photographer and am currently attending school to build my network and connections with local newspapers and media outlets.

One thought on “Weekly Post 5

  1. Hi, interesting choice of topic to say the least. I would argue that most of what dog poop is made of is not helpful to grass, because dogs have high protein diets and therefore their feces is acidic. As far as toxins go there really isn’t anything bad enough to raise health concerns. But there are parasites, such as toxoplasmas, in addition to loads of bacteria that can be harmful to humans. Which if there is dog poop on the grass and soil then there is a good chance of infection when it is present in high traffic areas such as parks.

    The best solution to this problem is to have designated pet areas and non pet areas. Quarantine is always a good first defense against microbes. Next hire people to enforce park rules, clean up pet areas and maintain park cleanliness. Overall, if this plan were implemented correctly public health could be improved upon and jobs would be created.


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