Glossary Post 3

Going off of this weeks post of sanitation and health concerns about dogs doing their thing in parks with children presented or close to areas they play in, here is some vocab words that should be considered:

Public health – synonyms for public health would include hygiene and sanitation which is interesting to me especially now that it should be a ligament concern that dogs are doing their things and leaving behind toxins where people play and eat for picnics in parks.

Healthful living – which also goes with public health when it comes to living a health lifestyle or maintain safe and healthy. The word also work for cleanliness. How can we still have the best of both worlds for dogs and us to enjoy the park while still maintain healthful living habits?

Preventative – something that helps keep something else from happening, to take precaution. When it comes to public health we have to be pretty preventative and watch what we consume and what we do. What is health and safe and what isn’t. If there is a situation, what can we do to prevent that from happening again.


About Elizabeth

My name is Liz and I love all sorts of sports. I want to become a Seahawks photographer and am currently attending school to build my network and connections with local newspapers and media outlets.

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