Glossary Building Post: Three

Distorted: Adjective

Not truly or completely representing the facts or reality. Misrepresenting oneself. They have a distorted view of life.

Twisted, deformed, and or misshapen

Mentally or morally twisted, as with an aberration or bias.

Behavioral Economics: Noun

economic decision-making.

Behavioral economics has to do with people behavior in regards to the decision making and consequences in regards to resources and financial behaviors.


According to Wolski (2017) “Direct marketing refers to promoting a product or service straight from the seller to the consumer, without intermediary advertising such as television commercials, radio ads, or public displays. This form of marketing can be particularly effective for small- and medium-size businesses with little brand recognition and moderate advertising budgets” (Wolski, 2017, para. 1).


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Wolski, C. (2017). What Is Direct to Consumer Marketing? Retrieved July 21, 2017, from


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