Challenge: Honoring Choices

In reading the FAQ page of the Honoring Choices website I spoke with my significant other about what my options are hypothetically if something were to happen. I currently work in law enforcement and prior I worked with the Department of Corrections.  During my time at the Washington State Department of Corrections I was involved in multiple riots where many inmates suffered life threating injuries. In this case It was not a simple conversation to have with your significant other if something were to happen. I simply asked what do you think would be the best option if something happened to me while in the line of duty and I was left in critical condition and unresponsive? It was a weird question to bring up briefly. We spoke about my life insurance, the Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment, a durable power of attorney, and a living will. Before reading this article I did not really think about what could happen or how could I take care of my loved ones once I’m gone. Many of these issues are brought up because being in the line of work that I’m in I want was is best for my community as well as what is best for my family. In my own opinion this challenge post was really informative and provided information that I had not taken into consideration.


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