Finance Prompt, Prompt 2, Post 4

The fiduciary rule is a regulation put in place by the department of labor that will require financial advisers to act in their client’s best interest rather than in their or their firms interest (True Measure, 2016). The rule will also cause the industry to change how financial advisers are payed by changing it to a fees based system rather than commission based (True Measure, 2016). This will help to eliminate any conflict of interest and disincentives the sale of bad retirement plans to retirement investors (True Measure, 2016).

Out of the two resources, the John Oliver show did the best job explaining the fiduciary rule and the state of the current retirement investment market. John Oliver speaks the language of the people and knows how to use a comedic light that makes the otherwise boring financial information more palatable for the average American consumer. The True Measure website does a good job debunking common myths surrounding the fiduciary rule. However, the information was not presented in an interesting way, and I do not believe the average person would understand it much less want to take read the information.



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