Healthcare Prompt 2

I believe most consumers don’t understand why people would lose insurance from the implementation of the BCRA. Many assume that this bill would be taking away peoples insurance by force, partially because they do not understand the healthcare industry at a base level, and partially because they do not understand Obamacare and the BCRA.

Obamacare legislated that insurers could not discriminate against prospective customers for pre-existing conditions, this alone is not feasible for insurance companies. In order for this to work, the american people must forcefully be signed up for insurance, so the insurance companies can maintain profitability. So this is actually allowing those who wish to not bother spending money on insurance to do exactly that.

Although I’m glad to think that people might no longer be forced to purchase something they don’t want, I’m not so sure about the economic effects that could have. We may see insurance companies going out of business due to the insurance pools having larger portions of risky customers. I’d like to know how that could play out in more depth. My Mom is in the healthcare industry, so I might ask her what she thinks.


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