Late Intro Post

I will be a 5th year senior this fall. My major is biology with a specialization in biomedical with a minor in chemistry. I’m planning on going to Physician Assitant school after I graduate. This class isn’t a class that’s required for my major or for PA school I just decided to take this class to increase my knowledge in different areas of health and consumer health is a very important topic in today’s society so I’m excited to see what I will be learning this summer quarter

When it comes to shopping for food I tend to go 50/50 on healthy food and also junk food. It just depends on when I have time to cook. Which I mostly do have time to cook at the beginning of the quarter but towards the end I don’t because I’m usually studying at the library till midnight so I order pizza or get fast food so I don’t waste my studying time. Luckily I grew up with parents that eat very healthy so when I go back home to visit all I eat is healthy food and leave their home with containers of healthy food.

My learning goal is to take in as much information that I can in this quarter. Having a goal that is ongoing will allow me to keep on learning. The more I learn the more I’ll be able to understand not just consumer health but also our society that we live in.

One of my values is working hard until something stops me. For example, when I have to study for an exam I study so much that sometimes I don’t get any sleep. Because if I stop studying and don’t do well on the exam I will blame my self and have a bad day but if I work hard all night and I end up doing bad still I put myself down less because I did all that I could. A second value I hold is honesty, I believe that without honesty we cannot succeed in life and be happy. I’m planning on going into a field that honesty is a requirement. Those in that field have been very successful in life.

The two rights that I believe Americans have is that we have the right to marry anyone regardless of gender. We also have the right to free speech. Because of that, it allows us to have these blogs and let us say our opinions without being afraid of anything.

A right that we need to have is I hold that we need to have basic human needs. How can we get people out from low social classes if they do not have the support to help them strive for success. Just with health care being cut for many Americans, it will stop them from going to work because of medical issues that do not allow them to function correctly.

A second right that we should have is the right to show our skills in the workforce. Many jobs today are judging people work ability by an interview. Many people might be very nervous when being the interview but when placed in a working environment they can show their skills. It cost thousands of dollars to replace and hire an individual. If a person is able to show their skills instead of writing it on a piece of paper many companies will rise up and be successful.


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