Health Care Prompt Two

There are so many issues today, due to social media and other sources, that expose the public to “fake news” and it is truly difficult for any American citizen to decipher what is real and what is not. Fox News says one thing about the future of our health care and CNN says another, so reports such as this CBO report are crucial in understanding the reality of our situation; unbiasedly.

I had already learned in previous courses how much the U.S. spends on health care and yet has some of the worst health disparities in the world, and this CBO report taught me that under this new legislation would reduce direct-spending by $1,022 billion. This seems like a great thing right? Spend less on tertiary care, put the resources into primary care and watch the country’s health flourish. But when I read on, I learned that reducing this spending is in direct relation to the fact that this legislation would cut costs in Medicaid. Medicaid helps low-incomes families all across the country receive long-term health care, and cutting budgets here would hurt many people. What I would like to know is, if spending in Medicaid is cut and this new legislation would raise insurance premiums, how are low-income and even middle-class families going to be able to afford insurance for health care? I would assume that reading the new legislation bill itself would give me the answers I am looking for. Reports such as this CBO report are quite eye-opening. I don’t often think about federal budgets, yet it affects the people of this country, especially in regards to health care; it is definitely important to consider when learning about new legislation such as this.


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