My Introduction

Today, here, and now, I am a full-time working mother of two in my early thirties. I have about 30 units left to graduate with my BS in IDS, and I am considering grad school for clinical psych. And if I don’t make it into grad school, I would hope to work for the state in some sort of social services setting. My husband also works full-time, and we live in a pretty great city in PNW, though it’s a little too far north, and a little too ‘crunchy’ for my taste. Still, as a consumer I am definitely ‘crunchy.’ I do buy a lot of organic foods, fermented foods, and essential oils. Ha! If there’s any sort of beneficial health claim to the product, I will buy it. And I’ve heard it said, that if it has to claim it’s healthy, it probably isn’t so. I disagree, even eggs have their own commercial. I want consume products that are good for my family and I, as well as our environment. Being as busy as we are, it can be very hard to consume consciously.

I firmly believe that we are all equal, and deserving of love, and safety. These values are more so ideals, and hopes, I guess. I believe a right we should all have, but don’t–is safety. Another right we should all have but don’t is: respect. I think it’s possible that if housing were accessible to all, and if healthy foods were also a right, that safety and respect would be easier to come by. That is, if basic needs could be met, the mental health of our communities would be greatly improved, so that respect and safety would become a priority instead of things. I think no matter who you are, the freedom of speech is a right we all have, though when I think of human trafficking, and abuse–I’m not too sure. And our freedom of association, is another right I’m pretty sure we do have, though it’s not always respected fairly.


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