Public Health 209 Intro Post

I’m am currently a senior at Central Washington University and will be hopefully completing my Bachelors in criminal justice at the end of this short but exciting quarter. Prior to transferring to CWU I graduated from Grays Harbor College where I received my 2 year degree in Associated Sciences in criminal justice. I am from the west coast and I enjoy going to our coastal beaches. The area in which I live consists of a population of about 9,000 people and can be considered to be a very small town.

As a consumer I believe that at times I have made many impulse decisions when it comes to purchasing items that I do not need. I typically do most of my purchases online and if I see something that I like the majority of the time I end up purchasing the item and paying for next day delivery. This class will potentially help describe the impacts and influences that the industries have on consumers. Healthy decision making and staying informed will hopefully shed some light on the choices and decisions that one makes during their lifetime. In my case I believe that many of the decisions that I have made are a result of impulsivity and lack of thought.

The two values that I feel are very important are honesty and integrity. Honesty in any profession is very important because without honesty you can not trust. In the line of work that I am involved in Honesty is among one of the most important values. An individual must hold him/herself accountable and be able to honestly tell the truth even though it may not be comfortable to admit. Integrity is another important value that is important when it comes to dealing with individuals and treating everyone with respect.

There are two rights that I believe are very important when it comes to our freedom and they are the First Amendment right to free speech and the Second Amendment right to bare arms. The First Amendment is very crucial because it protects the people from governmental intrusion. There have been many rallies and gatherings around the country to fight against many issues and being able to freely express ones voice is important. The only exception is when individuals use their First Amendment right to cause others harm and fear through intimidation. The second Amendment is also very important because it gives individuals the right legally possess a firearm if their able to pass the background. The Second Amendment gives Americans a choice to carry or not which in many cases has saved many lives.

Two other rights that I believe we should have is affordable health insurance and stricter electronic benefit transfer laws (EBT). It is my belief that everyone should be able to have affordable health insurance in order to properly take care of themselves. There are many individuals that do not have the ability to successfully obtain health insurance and I believe that this is something that should be done to assist those that do not have it. EBT cards are a touchy subject because there are many people that actually need them to feed their family. Yet, there has been an increase of EBT users that are just taking advantage of the welfare system. There are many individuals that are more than capable to work and or find jobs to support their families and it’s my belief that they should be made to work to even receive benefits. These are two areas that I believe laws should address to remedy some issues in our government system.



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