First blog assignment

Hello, I am a senior at CWU and I am working on completing two undergraduate degrees, one in economics and the other in public policy with a minor in political science. Also, I am an entrepreneur and a science enthusiast. Currently I live in Cle Elum, I grew up here. However, I have only recently moved back from Colorado Springs, Colorado in order to attend school at CWU and be closer to family.

As far as the health of my consumerism, I would say it’s pretty good. One of my more recent ventures was ecommerce and other online sales strategies. Unfortunately for me, I entered the game just as the online market bubble began to collapse. So even though I lost some money on the experience I’ve learned some very valuable knowledge in regards to purchasing and how to get the most bang for my bucks.

As a human and American, I believe that every person has the right to unlimited freedom so long as it does not infringe on others freedom. Second, I believe that everyone has the right to live and exercise their unlimited freedoms as they see fit. I believe in these rights in the most libertarian sense as possible without crossing over into the realm of anarchism within the western political spectrum. There has to be, at least at some level or form, of government which could allow for such a free society and market to exist.

Not all humans get to experience real freedom, only the freedoms granted by their governments. America is one of the only countries where most of our countries occupant’s freedoms are not legislated or grant by the government. There are actual unlimited rights that exist here, combined with a few exceptions of government granted freedoms. Between overreaching governments (National and Sub-National) and factions within our society, our right to freedom and life are constantly restricted or taken from us so that some governing entity can give it back to us as if it were some gift given to us by a deity for the purpose of good will. But that’s just what I believe.


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