I’m a senior who already walked for graduation, and this is my final class at CWU. I’m a political science and public policy major, so this class is about a topic which is important to me. I’d like to learn more so I can do a better job addressing these topics for the public. I’m not super healthy when it comes to my diet, but I guess I’ll take care of that when my metabolism catches up to me.

When it comes to buying products, I tend to do too much research on occasion. If its something I’m interested in, I’ll even help friends research the product. Getting a minor in economics added onto that tendency. When it comes to the more simple/cheap items, I usually just buy whatever is cheapest. I value liberty and responsibility, I believe that we should be more free to live our lives as we choose, so long as we do not harm others. Responsibility comes with that as a sort of requirement, we have to own up to or fix our mistakes, keep our promises, etc.

We have the right to speak our minds, though limited in some cases by government or social interaction. We also have the right to defend ourselves from violence, though some governments (the United Kingdom) do not allow this.

We should have the right to do as we please with our bodies, so long as we do not harm others. Activities such as abortion, drug use, suicide, experimental drugs, sexual preferences, are limited by governments across the world. These limitations violate the most important right of all, self ownership. We should also have the right to property, but governments violate this regularly through civil asset forfeiture and a multitude of other laws.



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